What is Terabee?

Terabee is a young dynamic company with the ambition to redefine remote measuring and sensing.
  1. We select the most advanced cameras and sensors then we deploy and move them using flying and wheeled robots.
  2. For each application domain, we develop specific tools and processes to optimize data quality and value for money.
  3. Finally, we develop new data analysis tools.
We understand sensors, we like drones, we write software, we focus on your need.

Industrial inspections

Industrial inspections are often dangerous and costly.

Customer Benefits: Unmanned inspections are safe, cost-effective and do not require service interruptions.

Precision farming and forestry

Modern hyper-spectral imaging from low altitude can deliver detailed information on key vegetation biophysical parameters.

Customer Benefits: Early detection of parasites and watering problems; identification of the best harvesting period.

Aerial digital measurements

Low-cost, high resolution and accurate 3D reconstruction of terrains but also of buildings, monuments and other features.

Customer Benefits: Enhanced, digital surveying with automatic volume calculations. Planning or regular inspections.  Ideal for mining, site planning, architecture, monuments, etc…

Low-cost aerial imaging

High-quality videos (full HD), high-resolution pictures (up to 24Mpx) from different angles and perspectives.

Customer Benefits: Used as promotional material yields a “wow” factor from the audience, adding a touch of professionalism at very low cost.

Business Consulting

We support individuals,  small and large organisations on:

  • * Start-up/Relocation to France/Switzerland
  • * Obtain public subsidies and private funding
  • * Business Improvement and Strategy
  • * Knowledge Management and Technology Transfer