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An introduction to People Counting Professional Services

People Counting Solutions can bring many benefits for your company, such as decreasing energy consumption, enhancing security and identifying visitor trends. But they can be even better if you have a reliable People Counting Services technical partner to help.

Having a People Counting Services partner benefits your company as you are able to rely on a knowledgeable support team who are ready to advance your People Counting Project. A valuable People Counting Services partner views your company as a true partner and not solely as a customer, which can create a long, steady relationship, a win-win for both businesses. 

People Counting support when you need it

Terabee’s comprehensive offering of People Counting Services can give you quick, effective support for your People Counting project. We want to ensure that Systems integrators and Solution Providers benefit from the best possible experience and help we can provide. You thus can have access to professional services, support and maintenance, device management and the Internet of Things-related platform.

Professional services from People Counting Services

What do Terabee People Counting Professional Services offer?

Professional Services are a consulting service between your company and our technical experts, to help you manage a specific part of your people counting activity. The Terabee People Counting Professional services team are experts with years of experience in this field and they can give you accurate and knowledgeable counsel.

As part of Terabee’s People Counting professional services offering, you have access to support from the design of your project, through to its deployment and commissioning.

A flexible menu to meet your needs

With the flexible menu offering, you can choose to have your company closely supported to ensure your people counting project is well implemented and performs as it should. Expert support can be provided in the definition of your needs for the people counting system, through to the installation and post-installation checks, so that your solution and installation are fully optimized.

Your team can be trained to solve your customers’ needs and issues regarding their people counting solutions. You can then provide your customers with effective solutions and save time in troubleshooting.

Terabee People Counting Professional Services also give you the possibility of customizing your devices. At your request, our experts can customize your People Counting solution. A customized People Counting or occupancy monitoring report can also be created for you so that you can track your data according to your goals and your business.

Professional services from People Counting Services
People Counting Data Casino

Benefit from Terabee People Counting Services

Terabee People Counting Services enable you as a Systems Integrator or Service Provider to save time. You can have the tools to fix issues your customers may encounter and we answer your requests as quickly as possible. 

From the provisioning of the people counting device, to installation,  maintenance,  upgrades of your device to the ability to track your rooms’ occupancy rates with our IoT platform, Terabee’s People Counting Services offer support across the whole spectrum of your people counting project.

The services enable your company to tap into our expert’s knowledge so that you can have your project be perfectly put into place and shaped to suit your needs. Our expertise and experience will thus directly benefit your customers by improving their satisfaction. 

Guidance and support for customer satisfaction

Let’s work together to optimize and maximize the performance of your people counting solution. Get in touch with our experts to start your stress-free people counting journey.

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