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Develop innovative applications using Terabee technology

Solve unique and complex robotics, automation, monitoring, and IoT business challenges, harnessing the expertise of our engineers. Industry leaders and some of the world’s largest brands choose Terabee for our lean and innovative approach to sensing, including:

What applications can you build using our sensing technologies?

Robots and drones

Build safe and secure robots for industrial and logistics applications. Benefit from our team’s extensive experience in mobile robotics to speed-up your hardware and software developments.
  • Indoor navigation and collision avoidance
  • Positioning systems for GPS-denied environments
  • Follow-me systems for AGVs
  • Cobotics and man-machine interfaces
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Smart City, Traffic Monitoring

Build smart city applications that transform movement into valuable digital data that can be leveraged to improve decision-making and city planning.
  • Vehicle counting
  • Vehicle type recognition: car, bus, truck
  • Height warnings for trucks
  • Car park monitoring and occupancy
  • Smart adaptive lighting
  • Road status monitoring
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best 3d camera

People counting and Analysis

Transform the movement of people and assets into valuable and actionable data. Reliably count ins and outs using cost-effective, accurate depth-sensing cameras that work perfectly in all lighting conditions – even in complete darkness.
  • People counting and monitoring
  • Energy savings (HVAC)
  • Room occupancy monitoring
  • Smart buildings
  • Facility management
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Monitoring and Presence detection

Monitor and automate production and logistics processes by tracking changes and anomalies along the chain. Launch alerts or adapt machine speeds to prevent incidents.
  • Conveyor belt optimization
  • Stock and silo level monitoring
  • Autonomous robot and vehicle security & safety
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Monitoring temperature variations and hot spots

Monitor heat variations to detect hazards before it’s too late. Save costs and speed-up development with our mini thermal cameras and efficient temperature alarm triggers.
  • Human or animal heat signature presence & movement detection
  • Heat-based process monitoring
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Fire detection and monitoring of flammable materials
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Gesture recognition

Build intuitive Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) and contactless controls to simplify how users engage with your technology. These are ideally suited to unclean environments or those where operating machinery cannot be touched.
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