Terabee to Exhibit at Sido 2019, Europe’s leading IoT, AI & robotics event

Come meet the Terabee team in Lyon, France, on April 10 & 11th 2019. We will be presenting our latest IoT, robotics and automation sensors, solutions and prototypes. It’s our third time at Sido and we are pleased to see the event growing in size and stature and expanding beyond IoT into AI and also robotics, picking up the mantle from the former Innorobo show. Learn more about Sido here: https://www.sido-event.com/en/ If you have an IoT, automation or robotics project or application in mind, feel free to pre-book a meeting with our experienced team here: https://www.terabee.com/about-us/contact/ We hope to see you soon at Sido 2019!

Terabee exhibited at Smart City Expo, Barcelona, 2018.

Last November, Terabee was part of Europe’s biggest IoT and Smart City event. Our booth featured our latest sensor products and prototypes and showcased our latest developments in people counting solutions.

The event was an opportunity to interact with major players in Smart City and Smart Building industries and discuss how easily our sensors can be integrated into existing and new IoT products. Unlike video, our 3D sensors use depth data to construct an image. Subsequently, personal identity is protected and data protection regulations respected.

Terabee is keen to explore OEM and product integration opportunities as we have our own R&D department and an applications team of engineers working on exciting and challenging futuristic projects.

If you are developing sensor-based indoor Smart Building solutions, we would love to hear from you. Please leave us a message here: Contact to discuss project possibilites with us.

Nuit des Idées, 2019, Bern – Addressing the present: In which world do we live in?

Terabee’s CEO, Max Ruffo, was invited by the French Embassy to participate in an interdisciplinary discussion and round table on drones. Max shared his vision for the future of drones in industrial applications, and the evolution of this fast moving topic in the Western world versus Asia, and China in particular. Terabee’s ongoing projects show that integrating sensors into industrial solutions helps improve quality, efficiency and safety processes. He believes that humans, machines and buildings will be increasingly interconnected and be able to respond to each other’s behaviours to create more efficient and safer workplaces. He also believes that jobs will not be created nor destroyed (as many think) but will be simply transformed, creating a new wave of wealth in the ecosystem. On the increased presence of drones across many industries, Max argued that extensive progress could still be made in robotics vision, positioning and navigation systems to make autonomous mobile robots smarter and more aware of their environments. Terabee’s experience in anti-collision systems is already helping drones and robots to navigate in a safer way in dynamic environments and Max believes that the need for these solutions will continue to grow in the near future. If you are looking to develop groundbreaking technology in drones, robotics or industrial automation (especially Industry 4.0), we would love to discuss your project. Feel free to contact us here: https://www.terabee.com/about-us/contact/

Terabee showcased its newest IoT solutions at TRANSFO Festival on January 24th

 The event was organized by InnoxGex, CERN’s entrepreunarial incubator and featured eight companies focused on digital transformation products and services and each were afforded the chance to pitch their latest innovations.

Terabee presented its latest projects in distance measurement, absolute positionning systems and people counting. Live data from a Terabee sensor installed at InnoGex was presented to the audience to show monthly, weekly, daily and hourly visitor counts. The pilot project is helping us shape future applications for smart cities, smart buildings and room occupancy optimisation.

For more examples on how to use our technology, check out our use cases here: https://www.terabee.com/use-cases/

This event opened up new possibilities for retail and FMCG. Since our 3D cameras and sensors measure depth, they allow software to recognise shapes like humans, animals or objects, but not individuals faces. Subsequently our solutions can be trusted to protect privacy and respect European data protection regulations.

Perhaps your industry could benefit from an anonymous people counting solution? If so, please contact us here: Contact

Terabee is pleased to announce a new partnership with distribution giant, Mouser Electronics.

Terabee is pleased to announce that global distribution giant, Mouser Electronics, is to resell its TeraRanger brand of 2D and 3D distance sensors. Mouser Electronics distributes semiconductor and electronic components on a large scale, with a presence in more than 220 countries and territories.

“We are delighted to be working with Mouser and to bring our innovative sensors and solutions to an even wider audience,” comments Greg Watts, Terabee Commercial Manager. “Terabee’s unique portfolio of small, lightweight and lower-cost Time of Flight Lidar modules are the perfect fit to complement the Mouser catalog.”

With their small form-factor, ease of use and Lego-like modularity, TeraRanger sensors are ideally suited for robotics, drones, automation, IoT, smart factory and smart city applications.


Automatica 2018 – See what’s new!

After winning the Automation category of Startup World at Automatica 2016, Terabee returns this year with a whole new sensor family and leaner ways for robots and machinery to sense, monitor and navigate in their environment, or work in greater harmony with the people around them.

Two years ago, it was the TeraRanger brand of 2D and 3D distance sensors that created so much attention at Automatica for the new ways in which they enabled robot navigation and collision avoidance based on multi-axis, solid-state LiDAR. Max Ruffo, Terabee CEO remembers, “After Automatica 2016, we witnessed an incredible interest in our technology and increase in orders. More than ever, at that moment, it was clear to us that Terabee addresses an evident gap in the market for smaller, lighter-weight and lower-cost distance and ranging sensors.”

Since then Terabee has released 5 new products, including its new generation sensing platform, TeraRanger Evo. Max continues, “With the Evo distance sensor, we created a unique design that separates the optical sensor from the power and communication functions. This has allowed us to create multiple versions of the sensor and to adopt a Lego-like approach where the user can easily build arrays of sensors to create selective point-clouds. In time, more Evo sensors will be launched, each with different performance attributes, allowing customers to choose, and even mix n’ match, the sensors best suited to meet their application demands.

All this supports a concept we call, ‘Lean Sensing’. Lean sensing challenges the preconception that the more data you gather the more robust your systems will be, and instead advocates collection of only the data you really need and not more. By reducing complexity you can reduce potential failure modes and implement computationally lighter systems. We’ll be showcasing our sensors and our ‘lean sensing’ concept on booth 128C, Hall 5. Come along to discover what’s new and how we can help solve your sensing and perception needs.

Terabee to exhibit at one of the largest unmanned systems shows, AUVSI XPONENTIAL, Denver May 2018!

Coming to North America for the first time, Terabee has chosen the AUVSI XPONENTIAL show to showcase its TeraRanger brand of 2D and 3D distance sensors!

Max Ruffo, CEO of Terabee explains: “Since we launched our first distance sensor in 2014, we have seen incredible interest from North America, including well-known academic institutions, larger organizations and established distributors in the field of robotics”. Terabee has just launched their new sensing platform, TeraRanger Evo, that has a unique modular design for using multiple sensors and an easy-to-use approach to movement digitization. Max continues, “We are excited to meet existing customers at XPONENTIAL as well as the many people who may not have seen what we do and what makes us different. We look forward to showing lighter and leaner ways for robots to sense and move within their environment, be it on the ground, or in the air.”

Terabee will be at the XPONENTIAL Innovation Hub, on 3133B. Come and talk to us!

Terabee presented its TeraRanger sensors at the iREX show for robotics in Tokyo, Japan

Time of flight distance Sensors

Terabee presented its TeraRanger sensors at the iREX show for robotics in Tokyo, Japan, November 29th to December 2nd. It was our first time at iREX, one of the biggest shows globally for mobile and industrial robotics, with a reported 130,000 visitors across the four days!

The distinctive design of the yellow and black TeraRanger sensors never failed to draw a crowd where the response to our products was outstandingly positive. iREX was also the first robotics show at which we had presented our latest distance sensor, TeraRanger Evo. Weighing from just 9 grams, TeraRanger Evo can reach distances of up to 60m using LED technology rather than laser! By using LED rather than laser we can give the sensor a “Field of View” so that, rather than measuring distance based on a very small point of light, the sensor measures over an area. (At 1m distance the area is approximately 3cm by 3cm. At 10m it is approximately 30cm by 30cm, increasing linearly with range.) For many applications, especially in robotics, this is a significant advantage and provides a more appropriate and stable data stream. In addition to TeraRanger Evo, we also showed the TeraRanger Hub, with its unique plug and play modularity for using multiple sensors to create selective point clouds.
Having returned from iREX our team is now busy processing the sales leads and planning our 2018 events schedule.

Terabee presents smart sensors for Smart Cities at Smart City Expo, Barcelona November 2017!

Terabee technology (branded TeraRanger) is a modular and flexible sensing platform delivering high performance at lower cost. Born for robotics, and now supporting many smart city applications, Terabee is showcasing its sensors for Smart Cities and solutions from November 14th to 16th 2017 at Smart City Expo in Barcelona, Spain. The show brings together more than 700 cities and its representatives to tackle urban challenges and generate innovative opportunities. Terabee will be showing how to achieve more with less!

TeraRanger technology is ideal for: presence, proximity and position sensing; object recognition, counting, profiling, distance, speed and velocity sensing and for applications such as people counting, vehicle counting and profiling, smart lighting, smart parking and many more applications!

Discover our small size, high performance, low-cost 2D and 3D sensors and solutions, and how these can be easily organized, optimized and industrialized to meet specific smart city application needs.

Key Features

  • Single-pixel and multi-pixel (3D)
  • Powerful performance – up to 60 meter range; up to 1000 readings per second
  • Typical weight of a sensor – 8 to 12 grams
  • Plug and play simplicity – Use one sensor, or many on a single power and data board
  • Support for LoRA, SigFox, WiFi, Bluetooth…
  • Customizable power supply, connectors, IP67 enclosures…

We welcome collaboration from smart city partners looking for innovation in sensing and intelligence. Our expertise includes optical Time-of-Flight, thermal, radar, ‘indoor GPS’ and sensor fusion. Book your meeting, or for more information contact us [email protected].



“Presence, Proximity & Distance Sensing for Smart City: Small, fast and lightweight single-pixel and multi-pixel sensors for People or Vehicle Counting, Smart Lighting, Smart Parking and many more smart city applications.”

Presenting an industry view at SPIE

June 27th, 2017, Munich, Germany: Once again, Terabee is invited to present at another high-profile industry event. This time, Terabee CEO, Max Ruffo is presenting Optical sensors for robotics and automotive applications – An industrial perspective at SPIE, Munich. SPIE is the world-renowned international society for optics and photonics and their conferences are attended by leading figures in both academia and industry.

Max Ruffo comments; “It is an honour to be asked to present by organisations such as SPIE and IROS (the IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems, widely regarded as the leading conference on robotics globally). Clearly, as a sensor and sensing solutions company at the forefront of optical sensors, we have a very direct and tangible experience to share, not only from a technology standpoint, but from a commercial one too. Photonics and their application in the field of robotics, automation and the growing sectors of IoT and smart connected devices is moving very quickly and we are pleased to share our experience and to participate in these conferences.”

For more information about Terabee and its TeraRanger solutions, please visit www.TeraRanger.com or contact [email protected].


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