Compact, accurate and anonymous foot traffic counters

By counting the number of people entering and exiting a space, foot traffic counters offer unparalleled insight into how spaces are used. Real-time and historical data from foot traffic counters enable more informed decisions to be made at every level of business operations, from staff scheduling to resource management and marketing.
Terabee Types of foot traffic counters

Terabee foot traffic counters use 3D Time-of-Flight (ToF) technology to deliver a reliable, anonymous, and low-cost people counting solution suitable for use in virtually any environment.

Foot traffic counters applications

foot traffic counters Applications


Business owners and facility managers use foot traffic counters to make data-driven decisions that improve performance and productivity. Monitor the occupancy of meeting rooms and workstations to minimize overcrowding, improve employee satisfaction, and optimize the use of space in your business premises.

Public spaces

Foot traffic counters installed in public spaces such as shop floors provide valuable insight into customer behavior. Optimize staff scheduling, improve store layout and make better-informed marketing decisions using accurate, quantifiable data.

Smart Buildings

Networked foot traffic counters enable Smart Building applications. Automating HVAC and lighting in direct response to historical and real-time occupancy data can improve working conditions and dramatically reduce energy consumption.

Benefits of Terabee foot traffic counters

Intelligent, accurate people counting

Terabee foot traffic counters use infrared Time-of-Flight technology to gather 3-dimensional images of their surroundings. In addition to filtering out objects such as shopping carts, our advanced onboard algorithms can detect multiple people at once and even count bidirectional traffic. Our foot traffic counters deliver 95% accuracy or more. Since the IR sensor does not require illumination, this accuracy is maintained even in low-light conditions.

Privacy protection by design

Terabee foot traffic counters are intrinsically anonymous. Our 3D ToF sensors capture sufficient detail for accurate people counting, but their low spatial resolution ensures that no personally identifying details are ever recorded. This ensures GDPR compliance and eliminates the data handling issues associated with other people counting technologies such as CCTV, WiFi/beacon sensing and RFID.

Occupancy monitoring

Versatile, reliable, easy to install

Terabee people traffic counters are compact, self-contained devices designed for easy installation above doorways or in corridors. With power provided via Power over Ethernet (PoE) cables, each device requires only a single cable. Once installed, our people traffic counters can be configured in seconds from any web-enabled smartphone or laptop. An optional IoT platform offers straightforward data integration for smart building applications and in-depth business analytics.

Terabee People Counting L-XL foot traffic counters

People Counting L-XL

With a wide field of view, the People Counting L-XL is an infrared ToF people counter designed for use in large entrances and corridors. Roughly the size of a household smoke detector, the L-XL is easy to install and set up. Up to 5 People Counting L-XL devices can be networked to provide full coverage of very wide entrances and walkways.

People Counting M

The ultra-small footprint People Counting M is optimized to provide a compact people counting solution in single doorways and narrow corridors. Despite its size, the People Counting M delivers a similar exceptional performance as the L-XL, providing a cost-effective solution for smaller spaces.

Terabee People Counting M foot traffic counters

Interested in deploying foot traffic counters in your business premises? Get in touch with Terabee to find out more about our solutions.

Related products

Terabee People Flow Counting L-XL

GDPR compliant people counting device. Optimize value and reduce costs from your retail operation, smart building or office space
Using advanced Time-of-Flight technology, Terabee People Flow Counting L-XL is GDPR compliant and provides accurate people counting data (98% accuracy or more) by monitoring the number of people entering and exiting doorways or corridors.

Easy to configure and install on high ceilings, the Terabee People Flow Counting L-XL fits any kind of wide indoor entrance, up to 15 meters in a multi-device setup. Our people counting algorithm is capable of filtering out static objects and counting multiple people passing in both directions below the device as they enter or leave a space.

The solution consists of an IoT people counting device and an optional IoT platform. Two product variations allow transmission of the data via Power over Ethernet or LoRaWAN. Interested? Contact us.

Terabee People Flow Counting M 2.0

Get real-time people counting data for single doorways and narrow corridors
Real-time data is the backbone of our modern, fast-paced world especially when it comes to monitoring space usage, occupancy, energy efficiency, security, building performance or tailored services. The Terabee People Flow Counting M 2.0 device is GDPR compliant by design, with a real-time data capability, providing seamless, accurate, and highly effective footfall measurement, at a competitive price.

Using Time-of-Flight technology, the People Flow Counting M 2.0 solution guarantees anonymity in its operations, prioritizing data privacy protection while offering robust, reliable occupancy monitoring.

People Flow Counting M 2.0 is the perfect addition to your Building Management System. The “smaller sibling” of People Flow Counting L-XL, People Flow Counting M 2.0 is designed for smaller doorways and narrow corridors. It comes in both Power over Ethernet (PoE) and LoRa models to best suit your needs.
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