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Drone object avoidance with TeraRanger Tower

This short video shows a Proof of Concept (PoC) of how TeraRanger Tower can be used on a drone to detect a wall.

You can use a single TeraRanger One sensor for front sensor object avoidance or, as in this PoC, up to eight sensors for perimeter coverage. This is plug and play with APM (from version 3.5 onwards) and is compatible with other Pixhawk-compatible flight controllers. We look forward to the developer community building on this PoC and further enhancing the code.

If you wish to collaborate with us, or if you require a robust solution for drone object avoidance, drone collision warning and drone anti collision, please contact us. We will be happy to explore collaboration and project opportunities with you.
optical sensor array

Please note, this has been created in good faith for the open source community and has not been tested in a wide range of conditions. Please conduct your own testing and use at your own risk.

To visit the ArduPilot website with information on Pixhawk connection and setup for Copter 3.5 and and above.
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