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Fast screening for fever detection

Give your customers the confidence they are safe on your premises! Terabee’s Fever Screening solutions enable you to quickly locate people who may have a fever so you can prevent them from entering your premises or location. You can ensure the safety of your customers and workforce and minimize the risk of exposure to infection from COVID-19 while complying with local laws and regulations.
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High demand for high temperature detection

The COVID-19 crisis has made it a priority for businesses and organisations to be able to detect anyone who may have a fever in order to safeguard the health of their personnel and customers. Those who may pose a health risk to others need to be isolated and prevented from accessing premises if possible. Whilst minimising any potential for COVID-19 transmission, commerce, education, public services and transport networks all need to get up and running and operating as efficiently as they can. With new regulations and legislation coming into force organisations of all types are obliged to make sure they can comply with new measures.

Terabee solutions for fever screening

Terabee has the technology and expertise to provide solutions for rapid fever screening to isolate people with an elevated temperature who may pose a risk.

Terabee Evo Thermal 33 is a very low-cost and small-sized infrared thermal imaging camera capable of detecting fever in humans. With its USB or Serial interfaces it is easy to work with and is ideal for systems integrators and others building complete systems. To help with the sensors integration, we’ve written an application note providing advice and best practice. One way to optimise the speed and efficiency of the Evo Thermal 33 for fever screening is to take temperature measurements when people are a known distance from the sensor. For this, we can also supply the Evo Mini Time-of-Flight distance sensor. This, and more, is discussed in the application note.

Not all clients can – or want to – build a system from sensors. To answer this need, Terabee is also building complete solutions, matching our sensor technology with our algorithm development and mechanical integration skills to create turnkey solutions for easy installation and operation. The first of these is the Terabee Fever Screening. You can read more about that solution here.

Our systems are easy to use, fast and efficient. The user looks at the screening station and the facial temperature is measured. The time taken for the measurement is less than 1.5 seconds. If the person’s temperature is normal, a visual signal indicates the reading has been taken and no abnormality found. If the person has a high temperature, the system indicates the reading has been taken and is considered high.

The system is portable, contactless, 100% anonymous and GDPR compliant. It does not use facial recognition or capture unique identities! 

Ensure customer confidence during the COVID crisis

Compared to other thermal imaging technology, ours is extremely low-cost and can be deployed in high volumes. Subsequently you  will be able to safeguard the health of your staff and customers and minimize exposure to risk of infection. Terabee fever screening technology and products are suitable for government buildings, shops, schools, post offices, banks, restaurants, hospitals, public transport, and many more locations. 

Get ahead of the curve

Whether you are an end-user or a systems integrator, our experienced team will help you evaluate your needs and guide you to solutions best suited to your requirements in these challenging times. Contact us today!

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