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Fill level sensors from Terabee

With so many different fill level sensors on the market, it can be difficult for users to determine which type of device is best suited to their specific application. We developed the LoRa Level Monitoring XL device to provide an easy solution: a robust, versatile and accurate fill level sensor designed for easy deployment in a huge range of applications.
Silo Level Monitoring Lora

The LoRa Level Monitoring XL sensor is a fully wireless battery-powered device that can be easily mounted on the inside of any silo or tank for non-intrusive level sensing. Terabee’s proprietary infrared Time-of-Flight (ToF) technology enables accurate detection of fill level up to 60 m – powerful enough for even the largest silos.

Terabee’s fill level sensors show there’s no need to compromise on accuracy, reliability or ease of use for any level sensing application.

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Non-intrusive fill level sensors for sensitive applications

Non-intrusive fill level sensors are essential for monitoring the levels of grains and sensitive media such as foodstuffs. The LoRa XL accurately and safely measures fill levels without coming into contact with stored media. Our unique LED technology is the ideal non-contact solution, offering better performance than ultrasound, and at a much lower price point than laser and radar fill level sensors.

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Designed to work anywhere

Terabee LoRa Level Monitoring XL fill level sensors are uniquely versatile. Completely wireless and battery-powered, the Lora Level Monitoring XL can be quickly and easily deployed in virtually any location without the need for power or data cabling, while IP65 rated ingress protection ensures all-weather reliability.

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Low power, high connectivity

Experience true autonomy. Terabee fill level sensors are equipped with low-power LoRaWAN technology, providing reliable long-range data transmission, up to typically 3 km in urban areas and 12 km in rural areas, with far higher possible maximum range depending on installation. Terabee fill level sensors are also equipped with several years of battery life.

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Lora Level Monitoring
Terabee LoRaWAN Level Monitoring Mounting Accessories

Simple installation

We provide a range of mounting accessories for all our fill level sensors, enabling them to be installed in containers of any size and shape. Easily mount fill level sensors vertically or an angle from any point on the inside of a silo.

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Configure and monitor on the go

Terabee fill level sensors come with free and simple-to-use configuration software for Windows, MacOS and Linux. Easily set network parameters, specify measurement intervals, stream live distance data and more from any web-enabled device.

Lora level monitoring XL software

Partner with Terabee

At Terabee, we work closely with our partners to develop bespoke solutions using our unique Time-of-Flight depth-sensing technology. Are you an IoT solutions provider, systems integrator, silo manufacturer or sales agent? If so, we’d love to hear from you.

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