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How level monitoring sensors ease business and increase workforce safety in the IoT era?

silo level measurement

Remote level monitoring sensors

At a time when physical access to assets is limited, reliable remote access is invaluable. Smart level monitoring sensors can successfully monitor a wide range of commodities including animal feed silos, waste containers, liquid levels (water, milk) and raw materials. Accurate real-time information obtained via smart level monitoring sensors installed in silos or tanks can avoid unnecessary visits to stock facilities and enable effective planning for essential manual servicing. Remote monitoring also informs of the need to re-supply or re-stock in a timely manner, allowing for only essential staffing.

silo level measurement

Benefits of smart level monitoring sensors

With many businesses already suffering as a result of the global health pandemic, being able to plan staffing needs using accurate and up to date information can provide valuable savings on staffing costs, helping to ensure the efficiency of your business operations. Additionally, employee safety is enhanced by using data to ensure that only essential onsite works are carried out and that staff exposure to potential virus vectors are minimised.

By reducing the need for frequent manual fill level inspections (often at considerable heights), you limit the potential for serious workplace accidents. At a time when treatment of accidents could have a significant impact on a health service already under strain, this is an added advantage not just to you, but to society at large.

Data obtained from a smart level monitoring sensor is far more accurate than that obtained from visual inspections, leading to a reduction in waste and more efficient stock management. Expensive emergency deliveries caused by lack of real-time information of stock levels result in additional unplanned costs – at a time when both global and local economies are already experiencing stagnation.

Terabee Time-of-Flight level monitoring sensors

Terabee produces a range of ToF level monitoring sensors that can be integrated in a number of level sensing applications, allowing real-time, remote and reliable level data monitoring. Our optical Time-of-Flight technology can provide measurements in tall silos (grain, animal feed bins), small containers (waste bins, fuel tanks) and confined spaces (underground rainwater sewage systems).

Time-of-Flight level monitoring sensors are used for continuous level management, providing persistent and precise information for proactive inventory management. Based on innovative technology, our Time-of-Flight sensors offer some of the greatest performance to price ratios available on the market today.

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Meet Terabee’s pioneering LoRa Level Monitoring XL, a completely unique product designed to satisfy the needs of users across a broad spectrum of level monitoring sensing applications. Based on a tried-and-tested Time-of-Flight LED technology, LoRa Level Monitoring XL is a wireless, self-powered and convenient to use level monitoring sensor, transmitting level data directly from silos, using LoRaWAN.

The system enables operators to optimize stock replenishment, cut operational costs and reduce dangerous silo audits.

Lora Level Monitoring

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