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Innovators Vs Covid-19: Terabee in the media


Speeding Up New Product And Application Developments


Here’s an excerpt from the article:

How does Terabee innovate?
Dr. Max Ruffo: We master our foundation technologies from physics to the final devices. Our goal is to bridge the physical world with the digital (and web) by adding the layer of understanding of what happens in a specific scene. To accomplish this, we need to capture shapes and movements. For us, this is primarily using the Time-of-Flight principle to perceive what is going on in the environment around us without using traditional cameras and machine vision technology. We use the latest semiconductors and technologies to create the best products possible at a given size, weight, and price-point. Then, in collaboration with our valued clients, we develop algorithms and utilize smart edge computing to meet the specific needs of our target markets and customers. In this way, whilst our products do create data, we go beyond that and translate data into usable business intelligence.

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