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1. FAST SCREENING TO IDENTIFY PEOPLE WITH FEVER - Automated and contactless system to quickly identify people with a possible fever. Use at entrances to buildings, offices, and shops to identify those who may pose a risk and who should undergo medical screening. Give confidence those allowed in are likely to be healthy.

2. PEOPLE DENSITY CALCULATOR FOR DEFINED AREAS & BUILDINGS - Monitor the number of people entering and leaving to ensure your shops, spaces or buildings are not too crowded, but also not too empty with an automated traffic light system that allows access when density is low enough.

3. WORKPLACE DISTANCING & ENCOUNTER TRACKING - Once people return to work, enable them to keep safe distances from one another to maintain their health and productivity. In the event of a positive virus case, immediately trace all other potentially infected people for containment measures.

4. SOCIAL DISTANCE MONITORING FOR QUEUES OF PEOPLES - Enforce a safe distance when people need to queue. Use in shops, public buildings and transport facilities. Sound an alarm when people are too close.

5. CONTACTLESS INTERFACES - Open doors, flush toilets, interact with screens and other devices in the public domain without touching them! Use contactless gesture control to avoid cross-contamination and the spread of the virus.

Why Terabee?

● Sensor technology is core to these solutions. Terabee are sensor and sensing solution experts

● No cameras are used. All Terabee solutions respect personal privacy and are GDPR compliant by physics and design

● Global brands and large organizations, including The World Bank, ABB, Wien Energie and many more, trust us to innovate for them

● We are fast and agile and can quickly build and deploy custom solutions to meet the COVID-19 challenge

● Terabee has performed years of joint projects with CERN on leading-edge physics for sensor-based solutions and is the first company supported by Innogex, the French Business Incubation Centre of CERN Technologies.

What next?

If you need to safeguard human health, protect jobs and assist with the economic recovery, contact us. Our experienced team will listen to your needs and offer you advice on the most suitable solutions in these challenging times.

1. Fast screening to identify people with fever

Give your customers the confidence they are safe on your premises! Terabee’s Fever Screening solution enables you to quickly locate people who may have a fever and pose a health risk to others.
Fever Screening Solution


● Rapid temperature screening station to detect people who may have a fever

● Uses contactless, thermal imaging technology to detect facial temperatures, optimized for 30 to 50cm distances, based on sensor fusion of the latest thermal imaging and 3D Time-of-Flight sensor technologies

● User looks at the screening station. At the optimum moment, facial temperature is measured. Typical time to measure <1.5 seconds
○ If temperature is normal, a visual and/or audible signal indicates the reading has been taken and no abnormality found - Negative result
○ If temperature is high, a visual, audible (or other output signal) indicates the reading has been taken and is considered high - Positive result

● The system is portable, contactless and 100% anonymous. It does not use facial recognition or capture unique identities. It is GDPR-compliant by design


● Extremely low-cost solution compared to other thermal imaging devices
● Show your customers you care! Give them confidence to enter your premises
● Ideal for government buildings, shops, schools, post offices, banks, restaurants, hospitals, public transport, and many more locations
● Protect your staff and customers from potential COVID-19 health risks
● GDPR compliant. Zero concerns about personal privacy protection regulations
● Easy to use solution that requires no special skills

2. People Density Calculator for Defined Areas and Buildings

Ensure the people density of shops, buildings and other defined indoor areas remains at a level where social distancing measures can be maintained while complying with any potential laws and health obligations resulting from COVID-19.
building systems technology


Terabee’s existing People Counting L devices monitor entrances and exits in shops and other buildings, counting the number of people entering and exiting the premises. A live count and calculation provides data on the people density per square meter.

Real-time data is linked to a visual and/or audio system to indicate when a person can enter, or when they must wait. Depending on the display, additional information can be broadcast such as; “Please wait for the green light before entering”, or “You may now enter. Please maintain a 1m distance from other people”. The system could potentially be linked to a turnstile, or automated doors, to control entry or sound an alert if people enter under a red light condition.


● Show that safeguarding human health is your first concern by limiting access as needed, but with accurate data, you can also ensure that you run at the highest possible capacity, providing your customers with the best of both worlds - efficient yet safe services!
● Ideal for government buildings, shops, schools, post offices, banks, hospitals, public transport and many more locations
● GDPR compliant. Zero concerns about personal privacy protection regulations
● Deploy your staff on more valuable work than monitoring entrances and exits

3. Workplace Distancing and Encounter Tracking

Getting back to work is essential to family livelihoods and global economies, but it needs to be done safely. In a post-pandemic world, social distancing will remain important transferring from our private lives to our working lives, too.
body temperature sensor arduino


Terabee radiofrequency two-way ranging technology tracks and logs the position of people relative to one another to ensure that safe distances are maintained. A configurable and industrial-grade ultra-wideband mesh network is automatically created in the workplace by each worker wearing a small device that perceives distance to colleagues. It provides far longer-ranging and accuracy than Bluetooth tracking and is ideally suited to professional applications.

The battery-operated wearable device triggers an audible and/or haptic feedback when two or more people are getting too close to one another and stores the device ID’s and the time of the ‘close encounter’ in its internal memory. At the end of the working day, the wearable devices are docked for recharge and data download. The stored data can be analyzed, and in the event of a worker falling ill, it will be possible to track which workers had risky encounters and when, allowing for mitigation measures, such as quarantine, to be put in place.


● High precision (10cm) and range (tens of meters) compared to Bluetooth mobile phone apps
● Industrial-grade: Ideal for factories, warehouses, construction sites and other environments
● Eliminate the guesswork from maintaining safe working distances
● Give your staff the tools and the confidence to work at maximum productivity
● Encounter analysis to track incidents and enforce health-protection measures
● Complete database with all ‘risky’ encounters logged

4. Social Distance Monitoring for Queuing People

As we adapt to a post-COVID-19 world, social distancing is likely to retain its relevance and importance in safeguarding health. Ensure guidelines are respected with Terabee’s anonymous 3D people tracking technology that can measure the distance between two people and notify when this is less than the recommended distance.
building intelligent


Terabee’s 3D Time-of-Flight (ToF) technology will survey a line of people, recognizing head and shoulders contours, to anonymously detect the presence of a person and their proximity to the next one. A user interface enables you to set the allowable distance between people so that you can adapt to local regulations and changing public health advice. When this set distance is breached a signal is sent to enable a visual alert ensuring that distracted people realize their infringement.


● Show that safeguarding human health is your first concern and give visitors the confidence to use your premises and facilities
● Ideal for government buildings, shops, schools, post offices, banks, hospitals, public transport and many more locations
● GDPR compliant. Zero concerns about personal privacy protection regulations

5. Contactless Interfaces

One way to reduce the spread of viruses is to limit the number of things we touch that other people may also touch. Contactless people and gesture recognition capabilities can be used to open doors, interact with digital information panels, and activate many other systems.
gesture recognition


Terabee multi-pixel Time-of-Flight sensors can detect the presence of a person and their proximity to a device as well as their direction of movement. Once a person is detected, the sensor switches to ‘gesture recognition mode’ to interpret broad-stroke gestures, including the sweep of a hand from left to right, right to left and a ‘push’ motion that simulates a mouse click. These simple commands are easy to explain in graphical form and easy for the public to perform.
buildings technology


● 3 sensors in 1 - Presence detection, people movement direction and gesture recognition
● Algorithms included for rapid integration to your systems
● Understand how many people interact with your system and when. Data can be sent to a
database for analysis and reporting
● Small, discreet sensor (not a camera) is easy to integrate and GDPR compliant by design

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