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New price for TeraRanger One and Duo distance measurement sensors

Benefit from the best value for specs on our sensors modules with a proven track record.

laser distance measurement sensor

Terabee’s iconic distance measurement sensors have become more affordable than ever:

TeraRanger One is now 53€ instead of €125 per unit - 58% off
TeraRanger Duo is now €124 instead of €185 per unit - 33% off

Compatible accessories are also getting a price drop:

TeraRanger One & Duo USB adapter is now €25 instead of €40 per unit - 38% off
TeraRanger One I2C adapter is now €10 instead of €40 per unit - 75% off

This also means we can offer very competitive deals for high volume and OEM deals.
time of flight sensor

TeraRanger One - great performance in a small form factor

TeraRanger One streams distance values in millimeters up to 14 meters with an impressive update rate up to 1000Hz via its UART interface. Its small size and compact design bring its weight down to 8 grams, making it ideal for mobile robotics and drone applications.

TeraRanger Duo - two sensors into one module

TeraRanger Duo combines the TeraRanger One optical Time-of-Flight sensor and an ultrasonic sensor in one compact module. This fusion of sensing technologies provides distance measurement redundancy for highly reflective, transparent or light absorbing surfaces, making it ideal for collision avoidance in complex environments.
time of flight sensor

Easy integration

TeraRanger One and Duo are compatible with Arduino, RaspberryPi and Robot Operating System (ROS). Sample codes in C and Python languages are available in the download section of each product page as well as a detailed user manual. We make it easy for you to get set up and running in no time.

TeraRanger One is also compatible with Pixhawk (FMUv5). For APM, it’s compatible with ArduCopter V3.6.9 and for Px4, it is compatible with flight stack v1.9.0.

Always eye safe

Based on innovative infrared LED technology, the sensor modules remain eye safe in all conditions (unlike some laser products), making them ideal for education and research purposes, as well as implementations close to people.
optical distance sensor
optical distance sensor

Ideal for robot and automation collision avoidance systems

Boasting longer range, faster update rates, and better reliability, our Time-of-Flight sensing technology is a great alternative to ultrasound. The sensor works especially well in low light or even complete darkness, making it the perfect hardware choice to build indoor anti-collision systems.

Need I2C instead of UART? No problem!

For streaming distance data via an I2C bus with 3.3 voltage levels, an optional I2C adapter is available for reliable voltage-level-translation. The I2C Adapter for TeraRanger One also ensures compatibility with Pixhawk flight controllers.
time of flight sensor
time of flight sensor

Test both sensors on a PC with the USB adapter

With the USB adapter, users can simply connect the TeraRanger One and Duo sensors to a computer with no need for extra devices or cabling. Power supply and data transfer are handled through a single USB port. The cable is ideal for programming and firmware updates. The USB adapter also enables programming features cable, making firmware updates really easy.

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