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People Density Calculator For Defined Areas And Buildings

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New hurdles to overcome during COVID-19

Businesses are facing new problems in order to comply with current health regulations during the crisis.

It is necessary to understand the maximum density of customers or personnel allowed in a space, and to know how many more can be admitted at any time. We require accurate data on the number of people in a space or shop, and the ability to monitor entrances and exits. There needs to be enough space on premises for people to practise social distancing and minimize potential exposure to COVID-19. Systems also need to integrate into smart offices and facilities.

Terabee solutions for managing people density

Terabee’s People Counting L devices monitor entrances and exits in shops and buildings, counting the number of people entering and exiting the premises. A live count and calculation provides data on the people density per square meter. Data is sent to a server where reports can be obtained for analysis and reporting.

Businesses can ensure the people density of shops, buildings and other defined indoor areas remains at a level where social distancing measures can be maintained, while complying with any potential laws and health obligations resulting from COVID-19.

Real-time data is linked to a visual and/or audio system to indicate if a person can enter, or whether they need to wait. Depending on the display, additional information can be broadcast such as: ‘Please wait for green light before entering, or ‘You may now enter. Please maintain a 1m distance from other people’. The system could be linked to a turnstile or automated doors to control entry, or sound an alert if people enter when they should not.

Protect the safety of your personnel and customers during COVID-19

Safeguard the health of your personnel and customers with the use of accurate data enabling you to limit access to your retail space or premises as needed. This will ensure your business can function at the highest possible capacity with efficient and safe spaces. In addition, staff can be deployed to more valuable tasks than monitoring entrances and exits. You will also obtain automated occupancy and human traffic analysis that is GDPR compliant with zero concern for personal privacy regulations. Analysis of reports will provide valuable business insights into peak periods and enable optimization of resources. These systems are well suited to government buildings, shops, schools, post offices, banks, hospitals, public transport and many more locations.

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