Evo 60m evaluation kit

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TeraRanger Evo 60m is the long range Time-of-Flight distance sensor of the TeraRanger product family.

It provides calibrated distance readings in millimetres and has a range up to 60m, whilst remaining lightweight and small! Instead of laser, TeraRanger Evo 60m uses LED technology. One advantage of this is that it enables the Time-of-Flight sensor to have a “Field of View” so that, rather than measuring distance based on a very small point of light, the sensor measures over an area. At 1m distance the area is approximately 3cm by 3cm. At 10m it is approximately 30cm by 30cm, increasing linearly with range. For many applications this is a significant advantage and provides a more appropriate and stable datastream. Examples include drone flight over vegetation, a robot navigating close to a slatted fence, or irregular shaped objects being detected at high speed.

Key features

  • 60 meter range LED technology
  • Update Rate Up to 240Hz
  • Plug & Play
  • CE Certified
  • Small & Lightweight (From 9g)
  • Option for Custom Interfaces

What is in the box?

Time-of-Flight sensor module

Evo 60m – long range single pixel ToF distance sensor

Interfaces and cables

USB interface board + USB 2.0 Micro cable (50cm) 

UART/I2C interface board + UART/I2C cable (22cm) 

TeraRanger Evo 60m
Principle: Infrared Time-of-Flight (ToF)
Range: *0.5m up to 60m
Update Rate: Up to 240 readings per second
Output Resolution: 0.5cm below 14m, 2cm from 14m
Accuracy: ±4cm in the first 14m, 1.5% above 14m
Field of view: Approx. 2°
Supply voltage: 5V DC  +/-5%
Supply current (min-max): 90mA – 330mA
Interfaces: USB 2.0 Micro-B
UART, +3.3V level, 115200,8,N,1.
I2C, +3.3V level, 400kHz
Connectors: Single 9 pin Hirose DF13
Micro USB
Weight: 9g (sensor) + 3g (backboard)
Dimensions: Approx. 29x29x22mm (sensor + backboard)
Eye safety: Yes (CE certified)

Evo sensors are modular by design

Evo sensors consist of an optoelectronic or thermographic sensing device (black module) and an interface board (yellow module) to provide power and communications. Simply clip together the black and the yellow parts to make a complete sensing unit.

modular sensor terabee

Compatibility table

PC (Windows, Linux, Mac) ROS Arduino Pixhawk (APM and Px4) Raspberry Pi via USB interface Odroid via USB interface
Evo 60m Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

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