TeraRanger Hub Kit

The TeraRanger Hub kit utilises the small, lightweight (8g) and high performance TeraRanger One distance sensors and a central board (Hub) to perform simultaneous multi-directional distance sensing. The kit enables you to plug and play with up to eight distance sensors and obtain high-speed distance data from each sensor.

The Hub provides power to each sensor, synchronizes the sensors for cross-talk avoidance and streams an array of calibrated distance values in millimeters via USB or UART. Select two to eight TeraRanger One sensors in your kit!

The kit contains:
– 1 TeraRanger Hub
– 2 to 8 TeraRanger One sensors (Type A)
– 2 to 8 Sensor to Hub cables (22cm)
– Cables for power and data transfer

Update Rate

4 sensors connected: 500Hz


0.2 – 14 meters

Connect up to 8 sensors

Crosstalk avoidance


  • Principle: Time-of-Flight
  • Range resolution: 0.5cm
  • Accuracy: ± 4cm in precision mode
  • Field of view: 3º for each sensor, 45º between sensor axes
  • Supply voltage: 12V DC recommended (10-20V accepted)
  • Supply current: 345mA @12V in general environment

Design, Dimensions and Weight:

  • Size: TeraRanger Hub: 56 x 56 x14mm (with case); TeraRanger One: 35 x 29 x 18mm
  • Weight: TeraRanger Hub: 15g; TeraRanger One: 8g


  • Eight ports to connect TeraRanger One sensors
  • UART, +3.3V level, 115200,8,N,1 connector: 4 pin Molex Picoblade
  • USB 2.0 (through a Micro-USB port)
Kit for robotics SLAM and collision avoidance

TeraRanger Hub Kit

Plug and Play up to 8 sensors, perform simultaneous multi-directional distance sensing.

  • Update Rate Up to 500Hz (with 4 sensors connected)
  • Range 0.2 – 14 meters
  • Connect up to 8 sensors
  • Crosstalk avoidance

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