Smart building

Prize-winning smart building solution — Maximize building efficiency to reduce costs (up to 30% percent)

Research has shown that the required amount of real estate space can be reduced by up to 30% for many businesses.
people counting system

The ability to count people as they enter and exit buildings, rooms and spaces is now an imperative, driven partly by Covid-19, but also by the need to maximize building efficiency to reduce costs. 

Understanding people movement inside the building has a number of advantages allowing you to:

  • Understand premise, workplace and room usage
  • Optimize real estate expenditure
  • Reduce your energy consumption/expenditure
  • Optimize building design and staff levels

A device placed at the door will provide real-time and historical data on a room’s usage patterns. Understand when it’s full, empty, over capacity or under capacity. With this rich data set, you can optimize your real estate assets or adapt them to better meet your needs.

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