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Smart Retail

Smart IoT devices for data driven retail applications

Now, more than ever, offline retail brands need to find innovative ways to entice customers back into stores. They must innovate in order to deliver added value and the kind of connected experience that shoppers are accustomed to online. And they must capture and capitalize on in-store data, to improve safety, and increase efficiency and profitability. How do they do this? With smart IoT devices and solutions from Terabee.
Digitize your retail operationsDigitize your retail operations
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Smart retail applications

Digital Signage

Digital signage & kiosks

Transform displays with personalized content using human-centric content automation
optical sensor array

Touchless interfaces

Utilize gesture recognition to transform non-interactive screens into touchless interfaces
Presence Detection and Object Counting

People counting

Optimize staff deployment, occupancy levels and social distancing with people counting technology

Our smart retail solutions

  • Human centric content automation to personalize content for digital signage and kiosks
  • Gesture recognition technology to transform non-interactive screens into touchless interfaces
  • Time-of-Flight technology for real time stock monitoring and control
  • People counting technology to monitor numbers entering and exiting indoor spaces

Personalise digital signage and kiosk content with human-centric content automation

Our new dedicated sensor can transform digital kiosks and digital signage into smart human-centric devices that react in real-time to a visitor’s behaviour. This GDPR-compliant solution can detect a person’s presence and their movement, enabling screen content to be adapted and updated according to their actions.
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gesture recognition

Transform non-interactive screens into touchless interfaces with gesture recognition technology

With our gesture recognition device we can transform non-interactive screens into interactive touchless interfaces. The avoidance of having to physically touch the screen reduces the need to sanitise it and allows for safe interaction. And it’s available at a very competitive cost
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Monitor in-store stock levels in real time with Time-of-Flight-sensors

Our Time-of-Flight sensors create the ideal solution for monitoring, in real-time, the stock levels on your shelves, your gravity bin feeders and Point of Sale displays. Our stock monitoring solution helps retailers to optimize stock levels and store operations, and maximize sales opportunities and profitability.
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Smart building solution

Monitor and control numbers of people entering and existing a space with people counting technology

With our unique people counting device and algorithm it’s possible to monitor footfall and occupancy based on the number of people entering and exiting an internal space. Use the data to assess and help control people density, adjust HVAC systems according to occupancy levels, and/or understand customer behavior. Our people counting technology is 98% accurate and GDPR compliant.

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