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Level Monitoring

Solutions for contactless and safe level monitoring

How can you know how much material is left in your silos, without actually leaving your office? Do you want to reduce costly and sometimes dangerous physical inspections of silos and other storage units?

Install Terabee devices and obtain real-time level data of solid, powder or liquid materials, directly from your silos and tanks. By using LED Time-of-Flight (ToF) technology we can reach up to 60m range for safe, non-intrusive inventory management of even the largest silos!

From wireless, self-powered IoT devices to cable-based sensors with industry-standard protocols - consult with our experienced team to find a suitable solution for your project.
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Level Monitoring Systems (1)

Markets and applications

sensor arrays


Animal feed, grains, milk
dust bin level sensor

Water Management

Rainwater, treatment plants
sensor arrays


Fuel, pellets
sensor arrays


Cement, sand, salt, stones
sensor arrays

Waste Management

Municipality bins, recycling

Benefits for the end user

  • Improve staff safety. No need to climb silos, reduce exposure to dangerous goods
  • Improve planning and optimize stock replenishment
  • Cut operational costs. Minimize manual level inspections
  • Ensure optimal use of your equipment. Reduce silo downtime
  • Eliminate unreliable approximations. Work from accurate level data
Lora Level Monitoring

Self-powered, LoRaWAN level device

Obtain level data directly from your silos and tanks, using self-powered, low-energy and contactless Terabee stock monitoring technology. Benefit from cable-free installation, wireless communication with kilometers of range (LoRa), and level measurements in silos up to 60m tall.

Multi-sensor level monitoring

Enable real-time level monitoring in single or multiple silos simultaneously, using the Terabee Stock Level Monitoring System.

Install the ToF sensors on top of your silos, and let the central Hub conveniently take care of the rest; sensor measurements, computation of remaining material level in silos, and centralized data output via Ethernet interface.
Multi Sensor Level Monitoring
silo level monitoring integration 1

ToF Sensor modules for integration

Terabee offers a range of high-performance, low-cost LED Time-of-Flight distance sensors, used in a number of level measurement applications. Benefit from the plug and play design, easy integration using various interfaces and a small footprint – ideal for design-in and OEM projects.

Order sample modules for testing and evaluation today!

Use case. Effective level control in rice and corn silos

Nan-Ho Cooperative Farm Managing Director, explains: “Thanks to Terabee we can now monitor the levels in our silos in real-time and with precision accuracy – and with minimized need for physical staff intervention. The system offers superb value as it is extremely competitively priced, and the Terabee team have consistently provided timely and professional advice and support.“
Corn Level Monitoring 1

We work with..

IoT Solutions Providers
IoT solution providers
in search of ready-to-install, wireless level devices
Systems Integrators
Systems integrators
implementing high-performance level sensors to support their projects
Equipment providers
silo manufacturers looking to add value to their existing portfolio through real-time level data
End Customer
Partners and agents
wanting to expand their offering locally, with cost-effective level monitoring solutions from Terabee

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