Continous Level Monitoring

Stock Level Monitoring

Level monitoring with Terabee sensors and solutions

Continuously measure fill and stock levels of solid, powder or liquid materials using Terabee’s optical Time-of-Flight (ToF) technology - be it in silos, bins, tanks, stockpiles and more! Go for off-the-shelf sensor modules to support OEM integrations, or choose our application-ready level monitoring products for quick installation.

Our engineering team will also support you in building custom level sensing solutions with deep expertise in sensor electronics, mechanical engineering and software development!
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Markets and applications

Terabee Picto Agriculture


Animal feed, Grains, Milk
Water Management

Water management

Rainwater, Treatment plants
Terabee Picto Energy


Fuel, Pellets
Terabee Picto Construction


Cement, Sand, Salt, Stones
Terabee Picto Waste Management

Waste Management

Municipality bins, Recycling
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Stock Level Monitoring System

Do you know when best to undertake stock replenishment? Or how much material is left in your bins and containers, right now?

Assess our multi-sensor level monitoring system, and enable real-time and contact-less level measurements for solid, powder and liquid materials. Suitable to containers of different sizes - up to 60 meter tall!

Benefits of Time-of-Flight technology?

  • Prevent material contamination through non-intrusive measurements
  • Great price vs performance ratio!
  • Long-range measurements (up to 60m)
  • Small, compact design for easy integration
  • Low power consumption. Ideal for battery devices
  • Focused 2° Field-of-View for confined spaces
  • Multi-point solutions for uneven surface distribution
  • Higher performance swap out with ultrasound
  • Lower-cost alternative to laser and radar systems
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Digital Transformation of your stock levels!

Terabee system enables your digital transformation through:

• Reduce labor costs caused by regular and manual fill-level inspections
• Reduce storage equipment downtime
• Avoid expensive emergency deliveries. Never run out of raw material stock
• Automate and better plan your stock replenishment
• Improve safety - avoid accidents related to visual audits at great heights
• Make data-driven business decisions with remote and real-time level data

We work with..

IoT solution providers looking to add value through remote, real-time and accurate level data!
Terabee Applications Stock Level Monitoring System Integrators
Systems integrators implementing high-performance, cost-effective level sensors to support their projects!
Terabee Applications Stock Level Monitoring Sales Agents
Sales agents wanting to expand their level measurement portfolio with ToF sensors and solutions!
Terabee Applications Stock Level Monitoring End Customers
End customers seeking innovation in IoT data monitoring based on smart level sensing.. We collaborate with municipalities, energy suppliers, water management providers and more!

Sensor Modules for OEM integration

Terabee offers a range of high-performance and compact LED Time-of-Flight level sensors for OEM and design-in projects. From large silos to small vats and tanks, continuously monitor stock and fill levels. Order sample modules for testing and evaluation today!
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Interested in digitizing your stock levels? Talk to our experienced team about your level sensing needs, by simply outlining your application and any specific needs. Get in touch today!
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