Thermal Cameras Back in Stock Due to Coronavirus Demand

Terabee was founded on the principles of rapid innovation, using a close-knit team of like-minded experts to exert big change through technical ingenuity. Over the years, this has involved careful analysis of our successes to ensure we always leverage our resources in the right areas. This requires an intuitive mix of proactivity and reactivity; we try to anticipate where the market is going while always listening to demand. To that effect, we have recently restocked our hugely popular line of thermal cameras due to high demand.
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Reintroducing Terabee Thermal Cameras

Based on the same platform as our Evo infrared Time-of-Flight sensor that we presented at the Smart City Expo 2019 in Barcelona, our TeraRanger Evo Thermal line of thermal cameras uses passive infrared sensing to detect movement and monitor heat variations in a wide range of conditions.

The basic principle of operation involves an infrared thermopile array that detects thermal radiation over a 33° or 90° Field-of-View, measuring the temperature of objects within that field to within 2°C. Branded as the Evo Thermal 90 and Evo Thermal 33 respectively, each of our thermal cameras offers detailed, non-intrusive thermal imagery with low power consumption. Initially intended for embedded applications such as building efficiency optimization and process temperature monitoring, we have experienced a significant uptick in demand since the onset of the COVID-19 crisis.
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Thermal Cameras in Fever Detection

When the COVID-19 pandemic was first declared, the challenge facing many business owners and employers looked insurmountable. Now that places of work and leisure are beginning to reopen and welcome returning customers and staff, we are faced with new difficulties, like how to stem the transmission of the virus without bringing whole economies to a complete standstill? Detection and tracking are critical to these efforts, which is where thermal cameras can play a part.

Our Evo Thermal 33 image sensor, with a narrow Field-of-View and compact form factor, is the perfect thermal sensing solution for facial fever screening applications. Screening people for symptoms of the virus is one of the primary defense mechanisms that places of work can establish to combat the virus at the local level. We have experienced enormous demand for discrete thermal sensors that can detect human body temperature in the wake of COVID-19 and have responded accordingly.

Our recent experience with fever detection is based on four key integration guidelines: Distance to face, stable operating conditions, raw data processing, and thermal data extraction.

About Terabee

We began to push the technological envelope with a range of modular sensors based on infrared Time-of-Flight (ToF) technology, building flexible sensing platforms for a whole host of application areas. At Terabee, we always try to recognize new applications for our existing product line to determine how our image sensing solutions can help improve the world we live in.

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