Intelligence and Sensing for Drone Operations

Sensing for Drone operations

Fast, lightweight, high-performance Time of Flight sensing for drone operations.
Precision altimeter : Obstacle avoidance sensor : Drone anti collision : Pilot aid : Vision systems aid


TeraRanger Advantages

Using LED Time-of-Flight, Terabee technology (branded TeraRanger) includes small, lightweight and high-performance distance and ranging sensors for drone operations. The maximum reading distance is up to 60 meters and for some TeraRanger Time-of-Flight sensors data update rates can be as high as 1000 readings per second. Typical weight of a sensor is just 8 to 12 grams. TeraRanger offers plug and play simplicity and cross-talk avoidance when using multiple sensors. 


Key features

  • Compact sensing for drones, lightweight design
  • Fast refresh rates (up to 1kHz)
  • Stable distance data acquisition over irregular-shaped surfaces (crops and trees, etc.)
  • Plug and Play simplicity
  • Compatible with Pixhawk flight controllers
  • CE certified and eye-safe
  • Works indoors and outdoors


Product benefits

sensing for drone

Precision altimeter

  • Stable altitude hold and height control
  • Terrain following
  • Auto landing for multirotor, helicopter, fixedwing, etc

Drone collision avoidance

  • Increase safety when flying close to obstacles
  • Maintain fixed distances from objects during inspection
  • Avoid obstacles indoors and outdoors

Complement to vision systems

  • Add scale to vision data