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Sensor modules from Terabee: Time-of-Flight, LIDAR & more

Established in 2012 as an innovative drone services company, Terabee has since grown into a diverse organization made up of leading experts in the sensing sector. We now offer an expansive range of sensor modules and solutions for some of the most cutting-edge fields on the market, from robotics to smart city applications.
laser distance measurement sensor

Terabee sensor modules are routinely used to detect and monitor the presence and proximity of objects, to differentiate between distinct gestures, and to monitor temperature variations or hot spots. Each of these dynamic methods of detection requires a unique sensing solution.

In this blog post, we offer a brief overview of the various sensor technologies available from Terabee as sensor modules, introducing some of their capabilities for advanced applications.

Introducing the Time-of-Flight Principle

Many of our sensor modules operate according to the Time-of-Flight (ToF) principle; a powerful method of measuring the distance between a sensor and an object. Briefly, ToF sensors measure proximity by emitting a signal (a beam of light, soundwaves, etc.) and measuring the time taken for the reflection of the signal to be read by a receiver in the sensor module.

Lidar TOF Sensors

LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) ToF is a fundamental monitoring and detection technology that is increasingly influencing a range of high-value markets. Sensors operate using either a laser or a light-emitting diode (LED) to calculate proximity as a function of the signal round-trip time; one of the most established methods of distance measuring worldwide. Terabee lidar ToF sensor modules utilize infrared LEDs which are eye-safe and energy-efficient, while providing broader fields of view than lasers. These infrared sensors have a 2 – 3° field of view (FoV), which provides a more stable data stream for improved consistency of results in many applications.

See a full comparison of our TeraRanger sensor modules below:
laser distance measurement sensor
optical sensor array

LiDAR TOF Sensor Multi-Directional arrays

We also offer sensor modules configured in multidirectional arrays, combining the functionalities of multiple lidar TOF sensors for simultaneous monitoring of multiple directions in real-time. See a full comparison of our TeraRanger multidirectional sensor modules below:

3D TOF Cameras

The sophisticated of our industry-leading sensor module technologies are our innovative three-dimensional (3D) TOF cameras. Using infrared TOF technologies, 3D cameras like the Terabee 3DCam 80x60 and the TeraRanger Evo 64px can capture depth data across all three spatial dimensions. Depth sensing with Time-of-Flight sensors is discrete, completely eye-safe, and it is designed to work indoors even in low light or complete darkness, unlocking a plethora of potential application areas as varied as people counting, digital stock monitoring, and room occupancy monitoring.

With fast refresh rates, our 3D TOF sensor modules are also able to distinguish between simple gestures to assist with innovative human-machine interfaces (HMIs) and next-generation contactless controls. For a full comparison of our 3D TOF sensor modules, see the link below:
distance measurement sensor
thermographic camera

Thermal Cameras

Unlike other Terabee sensor modules, our thermographic cameras operate using passive infrared sensing technology across a broad field of view (33° & 90°). Rather than being based on light, they capture heat variation data in demanding working conditions, measuring temperature ranges going as high as 1000°C. With a lightweight and compact form factor, both the TeraRanger Evo Thermal 90 and TeraRanger Evo Thermal 33 can help monitor hot spots and thermal variations in processing environments and a range of atmospheric conditions (indoors and outdoors), from extreme heat to complete darkness. Personal privacy is at all times protected, as our thermal pixel resolution cannot reveal a person’s identity. For a full comparison of the two technologies, see our product overview in the link below:

Sensor Modules from Terabee

Terabee specializes in the development and manufacturing of sensor modules based on the easy-to-use plug and play Evo technology. If you are unsure about which of our sensor modules is right for your application, we also offer a selection of evaluation kits, to help you get your new detection equipment up and running as quickly as possible. Contact us using the link below if you would like to learn more.

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