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LiDAR ToF product range features

Our optical distance sensors measure a single point and return calibrated distance values in millimeters at high speed. They are small, lightweight and high-performance, making them ideal for fast-moving robotics applications, proximity sensing, level monitoring, distance measurement applications and much more! Each product offers plug and play capability out of the box and comes with a graphical user interface for quick testing and streaming data to your PC.

Time-of-Flight technology

Always eye-safe

Lightweight form factor

Low power consumption

Time Of Flight Field

Instead of using laser emitters, our distance sensors use Infrared LED technology. This brings a number of important benefits:

Eye-safety. Our sensors are eye-safe in all conditions with no need for Laser Class 1 safety precautions.

Field of View. Rather than measuring a very small point, the emitted light is spread to form a Field of View and measure over an area. This provides a more stable data stream in many use cases.

Low power consumption. LED’s are energy efficient: great for power saving and battery-powered applications.


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Terabee brings new ideas and unique solutions to complex robotics, automation, monitoring, and IoT challenges. Our LiDAR ToF distance measurement sensors have been developed to address a broad range of applications where high-performance distance sensing brings new value and adds an extra layer of intelligence to your application. If you require a custom sensing solution, let’s talk!

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