Terabee Infrared Heat sensor

Terabee Thermal Cameras

Infrared camera product range features

Capture the unseen with our thermographic sensor modules that use passive Infrared technology to monitor heat variations, detect movement and hot-spots in your environment! They operate in a broad range of conditions, including sunlight and complete darkness, and output non-intrusive data that protects personal privacy.

Operates in a broad range of conditions

Lightweight and compact form-factor

Low power consumption

Non-intrusive data collection respects personal privacy

1 platform, 2 versions!

Evo Thermal 90 benefits from a wide 90 degree Field-of-View for monitoring larger areas. The sensor also has a compact and lightweight design (from 7 grams).

Evo Thermal 33 offers longer range, a higher sampling rate (7Hz) and a more detailed thermal image due to its narrower Field-of-View (33 degrees).

Thermographic Infrared Sensor

terabee thermal cameras

Our Infrared thermal cameras are intended for embedded applications

Evo Thermal camera’s have been developed to address a broad range of applications where monitoring heat radiation brings new value and adds an extra layer of intelligence to your applications.

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