TeraRanger Evo Swipe - Unlock contactless gesture recognition applications

Evo Swipe 2

Use simple contactless ‘swipes’ of the hand to control equipment, open doors and interact with screens and kiosks. Not only is this a slick and modern way to interface with equipment, it is a safe one too.

Now more than ever there is a substantially reduced appetite for touching doors, screens, kiosks and other commonplace control systems in the public domain. Rising to meet this demand, Terabee has created the Evo Swipe sensor for simple gesture control. Simply swipe your hand through the air right to left, left to right, or up or down, to control machines, doors, information displays and many other systems. By eliminating the need to press buttons, pull levers, or click a mouse, risk such as virus spread and infection are greatly reduced.

The small optical Time-of-Flight sensor is easy to install, setup and use. Everything is on-board to facilitate left/right, right/left gesture recognition.

**This product is out of stock and will be discontinued. Please refer to the Evo Swipe Plus for the next generation version.**