TeraRanger Hub - lightweight PCB board for custom sensor array creation, 15 grams

multi-sensor applications Teraranger Hub

Build multi-sensor applications and never worry about sensor crosstalk again!

TeraRanger Hub offers a flexible solution to multi directional distance sensing allowing users to create their own sensor arrays. Connect up to 8 TeraRanger One sensors and monitor just the axes you need, without worrying about sensor crosstalk - Hub has this covered! It is the perfect tool for multi-directional robotics perception, while its low power consumption and small size make it ideal for embedded applications.
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Key product features

  • Compatible with TeraRanger One sensors
  • Connect up to 8 sensors per Hub
  • Simultaneous monitoring of up to 8 axes
  • Features multi-sensor crosstalk avoidance
  • USB / UART interfaces
  • Lightweight design - from 15 grams
  • ROS ready
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Applications you can develop with our Time-of-Flight sensor arrays

 8 Teraranger One Ir Tof Sensor

Robot navigation, anti-collision, positioning

9 Teraranger One Anti Collision Sensor

Drone obstacle avoidance

10 Teraranger Evo 3m Tof Sensor Robotic Navigation

Multi-point level sensing

Terabee Icons Virtual Light Barriers

Virtual light barriers

Terabee Icons Object Recognition Copy

Multi-object detection

2 Teraranger One Range Ir Sensor

Compatibility with TeraRanger One sensors

TeraRanger Hub is compatible with Terabee’s first generation TeraRanger One sensors. Users can stream stream an array of calibrated distance values in millimeters from multiple sensors simultaneously via USB or UART interface.

A free graphical user interface is available for download. It provides a clear readout of the distance values being obtained by each TeraRanger One sensor and allows you to set certain sensor parameters.