The official Terabee Lever Coffee Machine and pods

Coffee Machine Low Res

Press a delicious Italian coffee like a pro

Bring home a piece of Terabee history and share delicious Italian coffee with your peers!

Acquire an official Terabee Lever Coffee Machine, engraved with our logo. It's simple as well as fun to use and makes great coffee out of the box.

Terabee pods come in boxes of 150 units. Choose from either Strong or Light blends to suit your preference.

Why this could be the perfect coffee machine for you

  • High quality italian lever coffee machine
  • Simple and Fun to use
  • Choose from Light or Strong compatible coffee pods
  • Comes with standard European plug


How to order coffee pods?

On this product page, simply add to cart your preferred box of pods, choosing from our Light or Strong blend. Terabee coffee pods only come in boxes of 150 units.

What plug does the machine come with?

The Terabee Lever Coffee Machine comes with a standard European plug. It will require an adapter to work in other countries.
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