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Give your staff the tools to work in proximity to others whilst maintaining safe distances with this radiofrequency Time-of-Flight ranging system.

In the event of a distance breach, users are alerted in real-time with haptic and audible feedback options, while IDs and timestamps are logged both on internal memory and on a remote server for further analytics and quarantine decision making. Long-range LoRaWAN connectivity ensures smooth, secure and low-cost device to server communications.

Key system features

  • Portable interpersonal distance monitoring system
  • Waist belt clip and loop for optional lanyard
  • Based on reliable Ultra Wide Band radiofrequency technology
  • Rechargeable battery (via micro-USB) with 20+ hours of operations on a single charge
  • Onboard processing and local storage in non-volatile memory
  • Onboard pre-sorting of events considered dangerous
  • Regular data exchange with the LoRA gateway & network server
  • Acoustic alarm for distance breach
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Potential applications

2d sensor

Staff safety

laser distance sensor

Human to human positioning

3d mapping camera

Staff Identification


CERN partnership

Terabee has performed years of joint projects with CERN on leading-edge physics for sensor-based solutions and is the first company supported by Innogex, the French Business Incubation Centre of CERN Technologies.

Partner up with Terabee for you COVID solution projects

If you need to safeguard human health, protect jobs and assist with economic recovery, get in touch! Whether you are a systems integrator or an end user, our experienced team will help define your needs and offer advice on the most suitable solutions and their evaluation on your premises. For full details of the Distance@Work device or any of our tailor-made smart office systems, contact us today.
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