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Ensure the people density of shops, buildings and other defined indoor areas remains at a level where social distancing measures can be maintained

Terabee’s People Density Calculator harnesses the power of our People Counting L devices and links these to a local gateway. In the gateway, you state how many people your building, room or zone can accommodate whilst respecting local social distancing regulations. Using the data from the People Counting L devices, the gateway calculates your people density. It then sends signals to digital signage (not included) to inform your customers when they can enter and when they must wait for other people to first leave your premises. Meanwhile your staff have access to the people density data. They’ll see a count of how many people are present and what percentage density you are currently running at.

With this system your customers will see - very visually - that you are taking measures to safeguard their health. Meanwhile, you can optimize your operations to run at maximum permissible footfall with no need to perform manual counting.

Key system features

  • GDPR-compliant depth sensor technology
  • Can be deployed on multiple entries and exits
  • Easy to install and configure via a Web GUI
  • Works in low-light environments
  • Powered directly from the network cable
  • Easy to set up. No need to connect to your network
  • Local Gateway ready to be connected with your visual signage solution
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Technology advantages and GDPR compliance

Terabee 3D depth sensor technology is ideally suited to counting people. Rather than an image, we use distance values to determine the presence and movement of people. Because there is no image, the technology is GDPR-compliant by design. Our devices cannot, and do not, capture data that could be used to establish a person's identity. You can’t get more GDPR-compliant than that.
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Scalable solution

Because we use a local gateway to collect and calculate the people density data and to interface to the visual signage, the system is simple to set up and operate. There is no need to connect to your IT infrastructure, the system simply runs in its own standalone network.
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2 ways to harness the data

The People Density Calculator has been developed to protect the safety of your personnel and customers, displaying two sets of data; one for customers and one for staff.

Your staff benefit from real-time data on the occupancy counts and percentage occupancy level. With this data they can make decisions on staffing levels and how to optimize your operations to attain the required footfall. Meanwhile, your clients will get clear, visual, information about when to enter and when to wait, knowing that you are taking active measures to provide the safest, yet most efficient customer experience you can.
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Time-of-Flight people counter advantages

Unlike stereo vision systems, our devices do not need high ambient lighting to generate accurate people counts. In fact, the technology works just as well in low-light conditions, making it the smart choice for restaurants, bars and other environments with subtle lighting.
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