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Ensure the people density of shops, buildings and other defined indoor areas remains at a level where social distancing measures can be maintained

Terabee’s People Counting L devices monitor entrances and exits in shops and other buildings, counting the number of people entering and exiting the premises. A local gateway collects the data, takes the people density threshold data you set and sends outputs to trigger screens or other visual indicators (not supplied) informing when more people can enter, or when they must wait before entering. In this way, you can ensure your premises run at optimal efficiency, whilst respecting social distancing requirements.

Key system features

  • Respects privacy by default - GDPR compliant
  • 3D depth sensor
  • Easy to install and configure via our Web GUI
  • Works in complete darkness and low-light conditions
  • Powered directly from the network cable
  • Remote device management & software updates
  • Can be deployed on multiple entries and exits
  • Run locally and “off the grid”
  • Local Gateway ready to be connected with your visual signage solution
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