Terabee Proximeter - Ultra wideband the safe distancing wearable

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Give your staff the tools to work in proximity to others whilst maintaining safe distances.

Terabee Proximeter is an enterprise-grade distancing and encounter logging wearable unlike any smartphone app or Bluetooth device. Its distance measurement capabilities are typically ten times more accurate, meaning the device is unobtrusive to use and only alerts and logs people encounters that could truly contain a risk.

Using distance and time thresholds, it only beeps or vibrates when you spend too long too close to someone else, and when this happens, the encounters are logged in internal memory. These encounter logs can then be used to trace and contact people who may have been exposed to a virus transmission risk.

By using advanced sensor networking the devices constantly adapt to complex people dynamics as clusters form and dissipate. Optional long-range LoRaWAN connectivity ensures smooth, secure and low-cost device to server communications.