Terabee Stock Level Monitoring System - ToF multi-sensor, IP65, Ethernet

bin level sensor system

Contactless, multi-point level and volume measurements with optical ToF technology!

Enable real-time and contactless level measurements for solid, powder and liquid materials. Using LED Time-of-Flight technology, monitor tanks, open containers and stockpiles up to 60 meters tall! Edge computing takes distance data from sensors and translates it into volume and level estimations of the remaining material stock. Benefit from robust IP65-rated sensor and computing enclosures and a reliable Ethernet interface for communication to Programmable Logic Controllers.

Choose between 3 kits:

• 1 Stock Level Supervisor + 1 Sensor
• 1 Stock Level Supervisor + 4 Sensors
• 1 Stock Level Supervisor + 8 Sensors

Key system features

  • No direct contact with material - optical ToF technology
  • Great price vs performance ratio
  • Multi-sensor level measurements for larger containers
  • Real-time edge computing of material fill and volume levels
  • Ethernet (Modbus TCP/IP) interface for PLC connections
  • Dust-proof and water-resistant IP65 enclosures
  • Onboard software for fast and easy system setup
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grain bin level sensor

Containers with uneven surface distribution

grain bin level sensor

Opaque liquids (fuel, oils, etc)

silo level sensor

Stockpiles, open containers and spaces

lime silo level sensor

From single to multi-sensor level measurements

For liquids, or solids with known material distribution, we recommend a single sensor setup, connected to the Stock Level Supervisor.

For large containers or materials with an unpredictable distribution pattern, use a single Stock Level Supervisor with multiple sensors. Taking multiple reading points will provide more accurate level estimations.
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Access to onboard setup software

The Supervisor features onboard software for fast and intuitive system configuration. Simply connect with WiFi or Ethernet to configure container shape and dimensions, material type to be monitored, the number of sensors to be used, and to tune the volume and level data calculations.
silo level measurement
grain bin level sensor

Safe and risk-free level monitoring!

Avoid content contamination. Our optical infrared Time-of-Flight system does not come into direct contact with stored materials, providing non-intrusive and safe inventory management.

Rugged, dust-proof and water-resistant!

Benefit from IP65-rated enclosures suitable for industry standards, such as washdown requirements, as well as usage in outdoor applications.
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cement silo level sensor
grain bin level sensor

Need more Level Sensors for your application?

Require more level sensors to support your multi-sensor, multi-container configuration? Simply add more Stock Level Sensors to your order! Contact us at terabee-sales@terabee.com, or get in touch with your sales representative today!

Software development for custom applications

Different materials and applications may require different configuration parameters. Our engineers can work with you to build custom software configurations to meet your needs!

Contact us to explore all the options for adding real-time stock level and volume estimation for your business!
grain bin level sensor
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