TeraRanger Multiflex - modular and low-cost 8-sensor kit, 2m, 50Hz, 20 grams

linear sensor array

Build flexible sensor arrays for indoor robotics and IoT applications!

TeraRanger Multiflex is a modular & low-cost sensing kit. You’ll receive eight plug & play sensor modules on one flexible bus making it easy to create custom configurations and to place sensors where needed. When sensors are positioned in a configuration where crosstalk is likely, the central Hub synchronizes distance measurements from each sensor, triggering these in a sequence that avoids crosstalk. It’s the ideal – and higher performance – alternative to ultrasound for robot collision avoidance, stock monitoring and a myriad other closer range distance sensing applications, all in one convenient and easy to use kit.

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Key product features

  • Time-of-Flight technology
  • Multi-sensor crosstalk avoidance
  • Detection range: from 0.05 up to 2m
  • I2C / UART / USB interface
  • Kit includes 8 distance sensors, central Hub & cables
  • Pre-calibrated distance data in millimeters
  • Weight: 20 grams
  • ROS ready
Download Spec Sheet Download Spec Sheet

Indoor applications you can develop with our Time-of-Flight sensor arrays

structured light sensor camera

Robot navigation & collision avoidance

structured light sensor camera

Stock level monitoring

structured light sensor camera

Close-range distance measurements

structured light sensor camera

Multi-sensor distance measurements

optical distance sensor

2 versions available

TeraRanger Multiflex is available in two versions: Multiflex and Multiflex PCB.

TeraRanger Multiflex has dust and splash protection covers and offers the fastest refresh rates (up to 50Hz), while Multiflex PCB has the longer detection range, up to 2.0m. See the specification sheet for further information on the two versions.

Compare Multiflex versionsCompare Multiflex versions

Build custom sensor arrays in no time

TeraRanger Multiflex allows users to address specific sensing needs by creating custom sensor configurations with up to 8 sensors and positioning each ToF sensor where needed.

When Multiflex sensors are positioning in a configuration where crosstalk is likely, the central Hub synchronizes distance measurements from each sensor, triggering these in a sequence that avoids cross-talk.

Read user manualRead user manual
optical sensor array
laser distance sensor

Build Android applications with our technology!

Our Android SDK provides an easy way to communicate with Terabee sensors on an Android device. The SDK supports the following sensor models via a USB interface:

TeraRanger Evo 3M
TeraRanger Evo 60M
TeraRanger Evo 64px
TeraRanger Multiflex

The SDK can auto-detect which type of sensor is connected to a device.

To connect the sensor to an Android device, you will need a USB OTG cable and a USB backboard for each sensor.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between Multiflex PCB and Multiflex?

We sell two versions of TeraRanger Multiflex kits. The standard Multiflex kit comes with sensors and a hub protected by a plastic cover against dust and splash. The Multiflex PCB comes without a cover. They also have different technical specifications explained in detail in the spec sheet.

Does it work outdoors?

TeraRanger Multiflex works outdoors with limited performance as it was initially designed for indoor applications.

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