TeraRanger One Promotion Kit - Modular, high-performance and easy-to-use Time-of-Flight kit

linear sensor array

High-performance ToF distance measurement sensor for mobile robotics, automation and R&D applications

The TeraRanger One Promo Kit is a great opportunity to combine best-in-class Infrared Time-of-Flight TeraRanger One sensors into a powerful multi-axis distance sensing solution!

You can position the TR One sensors exactly at the position required on your Mobile Robot, and connect them via 20 cm cables to the TR Hub and retrieve nearly simultaneously 4 milliter calibrated distance data via UART, I2C or USB, and don't worry about the crosstalk: it's automatically managed via the TR Hub!

You can also benefit from the the TR Frame provided in the kit, and take advantage of the predefined angles and design an anti-collision systems fitting your exact needs as you can see on the sample pictures. And one step beyond, turn your kit into a Drone anti-collision system by connecting it to a Pixhawk 1, 2.1 Cube or 4 running Arducopter v3.6.9.

For all your educative projects, the TR One promotion kit is the perfect companion to allow the development of your Robotic projects requesting long-range, precise, fast and multi-axis distance sensing!
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Key product features

  • Infrared Time-of-Flight technology
  • Up to 14 meter detection range
  • Very fast update rate (up to 1000 Hz)
  • Optimized for indoor environments
  • Lightweight sensor: 8 grams
  • ROS & Pixhawk ready
  • Eye-safe in all conditions
  • Hub connects up to 8 TR One sensors
  • Hub features multi-sensor crosstalk avoidance
Download full specifications sheetDownload full specifications sheet

ToF sensor applications

infrared distance sensor

Drone altimeter and precision landing

temperature camera

Drone anti-collision

tof distance sensor

Robot navigation

structured light sensor camera

Robot obstacle avoidance

structured light sensor camera

Level monitoring

time-of-flight sensor

What's in the box?

- TeraRanger One (Type A or Type B) x 4pcs - high-performance single-pixel ToF distance sensor
- TeraRanger Hub x 1 pcs
- TeraRanger Tower Frame x 1 pcs
- Tower cables x 4 pcs
- 22cm Hub to Sensor cable x 4 pcs
- Mounting screws
- I2C & USB Connectivity cables
- Power cables

Build up your own sensor configuration

TeraRanger Tower Frame enables you to build a solid-state LiDAR system in a circular configuration using up to 8 TeraRanger One sensor slots. Create be-spoken solutions to meet your sensing requirements
Learn more about TeraRanger HubLearn more about TeraRanger Hub

TeraRanger Modular approach

TeraRanger Hub offers a flexible solution to multi-directional distance sensing allowing users to create their own sensor arrays. Connect up to 8 TeraRanger One sensors and monitor just the axes you need, without worrying about sensor crosstalk - Hub has this covered! It is the perfect tool for multi-directional robotics perception, while its low power consumption and small size make it ideal for embedded applications.
Read the user manualRead the user manual

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