TeraRanger One - the lightweight and low-cost ToF distance measurement sensor, 14m, 8 grams

fast ToF distance sensor Teraranger One

High-performance ToF distance measurement sensor for mobile robotics and automation applications

TeraRanger One is the most iconic optic distance sensor made by Terabee. Its Time-of-Flight technology offers a 14-meter range in a lightweight (8 grams) and low-cost design. The sensor is much faster than ultrasound, more compact than laser-based systems & less power demanding than vision-based systems. This makes the TeraRanger One ideal for fast-moving robotics and automation applications.

Key product features

  • Infrared Time-of-Flight technology
  • Up to 14-meter detection range
  • Update rate: up to 600Hz (precision mode)
  • Weight: 8 grams
  • UART / I2C / USB interface (via USB / I2C adapter set)
  • ROS and Pixhawk ready
  • Eye-safe in all conditions
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Applications you can develop with Time-of-Flight distance measurement sensor modules

Copy Of Terabee Icons Presition Landing Robot Positioning

Drone altimeter and precision landing

Copy Of Terabee Icons Object Recognition

Distance measurement applications

Copy Of Terabee Icons Robotic Navigation

Robot navigation, anti-collision

Terabee Icons Presition Drone Anti Collision

Drone obstacle avoidance

Terabee Icons Level Monitoring Single Point

Level sensing


Which version should you get?

TeraRanger One distance sensing platform comes in 4 versions. Type A and Type B sensor performance are very similar.

Type A - we prefer sensors from this type for indoor environments
- TeraRanger One Spider - lighter weight design

Type B - we advise sensors from this type for outdoor use as it is more stable in strong sunlight
- TeraRanger One Frame - lighter weight design

For crosstalk avoidance in multiple robot environments, two versions of the sensor are available, type A and type B, which can operate simultaneously without affecting each other’s reading
Read the user manualRead the user manual

USB Adapter

For simple plug & play connection to your PC or Mac an optional USB adapter is available. The USB adapter cable provides power to the sensor and data transfer to and from the sensor. It is ideal for evaluation and testing purposes and for making firmware updates to the sensor. It is also an essential item in case you require post-sales technical support.
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1 Usb Adapters For Teraranger One Duo Distance Sensor
I2c Adapter

I2C Adapter

For streaming distance data via an I2C bus with 3.3 voltage levels, an optional I2C adapter is available for reliable voltage-level-translation. The I2C Adapter for TeraRanger One also ensures compatibility with Pixhawk flight controllers.
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TeraRanger Hub

Connect up 2 to 8 TeraRanger One sensors of the same type to build your own sensor module array.
Discover TeraRanger HubDiscover TeraRanger Hub
1 Teraranger Hub Array Distance Sensor

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a USB or I2C adaptor?

USB Adaptor: You need it to connect to a PC. With a program like HTERM, you can see the sensor outputs and send commands to change output modes and so on. If you ever need technical support, we would be able to help you run some tests if the sensor is connected to a PC.

I2C adaptor: it is as an interface between the sensor and Pixhawk Autopilots. It also handles voltage level translation. We offer it as a more convenient way for customers to connect. Our customers often connect the TeraRanger One to the Pixhawk's Autopilot I2C bus to use it as an altimeter.

What’s the difference between TeraRanger One type A and type B?

The main difference between them is that they do not operate on the same wavelength, allowing A and B sensors to work in parallel without cross-talk. In terms of performance, the Type B sensors will be more stable in direct sunlight, and Type A sensors will be slightly more precise indoors. This is why we recommend A for indoor applications and B for outdoor applications.

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