People Density Calculator - ToF, GDPR compliant, Monitor space occupancy

Density Calculator

Ensure the people density of shops, buildings and other defined indoor areas remains at a level where social distancing measures can be maintained

Terabee People Density Calculator harnesses the power of our People Counting L-XL devices and links these to a local gateway. In the gateway, you state how many people your building, room or zone can accommodate whilst respecting local social distancing regulations. Using the data from the People Counting L-XL devices, the gateway calculates your people density. It then sends signals to digital signage (not included) to inform your customers when they can enter and when they must wait for other people to first leave your premises. Meanwhile your staff have access to the people density data. They’ll see a count of how many people are present and what percentage density you are currently running at.

With this system your customers will see - very visually - that you are taking measures to safeguard their health. Meanwhile, you can optimize your operations to run at maximum permissible footfall with no need to perform manual counting.