Evo Thermal sensor evaluation kit - 1 technology, 32x32 px resolution, 2 versions!

thermal video camera

Ideal for research and development purposes, the compact & modular Thermal sensor kit offers great value for money, saving 13% from RRP.

TeraRanger Evo Thermal offers a 32x32 pixel resolution to monitor temperature variations & hot spots in your environment. The kit is built on our modular Evo sensor family and includes 2 lightweight Thermal sensor modules:

- TeraRanger Evo Thermal 90: wide 90º Field-of-View for larger area coverage
- TeraRanger Evo Thermal 33: obtain longer range and a more detailed thermal image with a 33º Field of View

The modular two-part design of Evo sensors allows quick testing and prototyping with a variety of interfaces including USB and UART. Just clip-on your preferred interface backboard to any Evo sensor. No additional calibration is required as the sensors stream factory calibrated temperature values in decikelvin.
Total: 330.00 ex. VAT
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Key product features

  • Kit includes 2 IR Thermal sensors
  • Benefit from a 90º and 33º Field of View for temperature monitoring
  • Great value for money - save 13% from RRP
  • Compact & lightweight design - from 7 to 12 grams
  • USB / UART (clip on, interchangeable) interfaces
  • Non-intrusive data collection that respects privacy
  • Operates in a broad range of conditions – sunlight, darkness and poor visibility
  • Free GUI downloads for quick tests on a PC
Download spec sheetDownload spec sheet

Applications you can build with thermographic cameras

linear sensor array

Adaptive Lighting

linear sensor array

Building efficiency optimization

linear sensor array

Heat movement monitoring

optical sensor array

Machine and process temperature monitoring

distance measurement sensor

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What’s in the box?

- Evo Thermal 90 – 32×32 pixel infrared thermal camera with a 90° FoV
- Evo Thermal 33 – 32×32 pixel infrared thermal camera with a 33° FoV

- USB interface board x 1 pcs
- USB 2.0 Micro cable (50cm) x 1 pcs
- UART interface board x 1 pcs
- UART cable (22cm) x 1 pcs
Read the user manualRead the user manual

Plug and Play compatibility

Connect the Evo sensor to a PC and perform quick tests using the USB backboard in no time. A graphical user interface is also available for testing and demonstration purposes or configuring some basic sensor parameters.

For example, users can set custom temperature limits for monitoring temperature variations in the pixel field of the camera. As soon as the thresholds are breached, an alarm will go off to inform the user about an increase/decrease of temperature.
Compatibility tableCompatibility table
distance measurement sensor

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