Terabee Stock Level Monitoring System - ToF multi-sensor, IP65, Ethernet

Terabee Stock Level Monitoring System (1)

Contactless, multi-point level and volume measurements with optical ToF technology!

Enable real-time and contactless level measurements for solid, powder and liquid materials. Using LED Time-of-Flight technology, monitor tanks, open containers and stockpiles up to 60 meters tall! Edge computing takes distance data from sensors and translates it into volume and level estimations of the remaining material stock. Benefit from robust IP65-rated sensor and computing enclosures and a reliable Ethernet interface for communication to Programmable Logic Controllers.

Choose between 3 kits:

• 1 Stock Level Supervisor + 1 Sensor
• 1 Stock Level Supervisor + 4 Sensors
• 1 Stock Level Supervisor + 8 Sensors
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