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Silo Level Sensors from Terabee

Silo level monitoring sensors from Terabee are designed for maximum ease-of-operation and reliable detection of remaining material level.
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The principles of operation – optical Time-of-Flight (ToF) – are always straightforward, so you don’t need to be a technical expert to grasp their core concepts. Regardless of your operation scale, or whether you require integration/plug and play functionality, we can select and customize a sensing solution to fit your specific level monitoring needs.  

In order to avoid regular and costly audits based on manual labor inspections on top of silos, Terabee’s silo level sensors can help you keep a close eye on your facility’s stock levels while you focus on other important business operations. 

With robust and weatherproof housings made for a variety of environments, accurate level detection, and onboard computation for level and volume estimation, we are offering our clients close monitoring of material levels stocked in silos and tanks.

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Common issues in the field and our silo level sensors

At Terabee, our team of experienced innovators are keenly aware of the diverse challenges facing end customers today, including: 

  • Visual audits at great heights are dangerous and occasionally lead to work-related accidents.
  • Inaccurate approximations of remaining silo content. 
  • Lack of data about silo equipment usage; which silos are filled and which are empty? 
  • Time-consuming and costly processes for manual silo inspections.
  • Un-optimized stock replenishment process, with risk for affecting business operations.

We work diligently to provide comprehensive silo level solutions that accommodate each user’s unique specifications. This has yielded a portfolio of practical ToF level sensors that offer real-time, remote level data.

3. Terabee Stock Level Monitoring Systems

Larger silos containing high quantities of solid content require higher-power solutions. Our ToF multi-sensor silo level sensors can provide accurate level measurements within a range of up to 60 meters. The system includes a central hub unit for multi-sensor connectivity for single or multiple silo level monitoring. This hub performs multiple functions. It provides power to each connected sensor. It triggers these for  distance measurements in a sequence (RS485). It performs real-time computation of the remaining level. And it outputs final data via Ethernet interface. All integrated sensors and the central hub are IP65-rated. If you need greater accuracy in sensing solid materials, a multi-sensor installation provides this. If a single measurement point per silo is acceptable, you can economise on the hardware and use one hub for 8 different silos or tanks.

2. Terabee IND-TOF-1 sensor

Our industrial ToF sensor is a compact silo level solution with a 12.5 meter detection range and a built-in RS485 Modbus interface for medium-sized silos. It comprises a dust-proof and water-resistant housing, and stands apart from competitors on price alone.

1. Terabee Lora Level Monitoring XL

For customers who are seeking remote level data coming directly from silos and tanks, Terabee has launched a silo level sensor. The product features cable-free installation reducing costs and time spent at each silo, and provides users with long-range data transmission over the air using easy to deploy LoRaWAN infrastructure. Benefit from a self powered design (replaceable battery) and years of autonomy!  

All Terabee level sensors use LED ToF technology to provide an accurate indication of remaining inventory levels, and does so in a non-intrusive matter (no direct contact with monitored materials). This results in a safe inventory management, also avoiding content contamination inside silos. 

So, to find out more about Terabee’s silo level sensors or to consult us on which product would be perfect for you, get in touch today.

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