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Smart Farming & Innovations in Silo Level Monitoring

Agriculture is perhaps the oldest industry on earth. Humans have cultivated crops and raised animals in some form or another for millennia, so it is natural that the way we farm has been subjected to numerous paradigm shifts throughout history.

The most significant changes are often referred to as Agricultural Revolutions. These are characterized by changing attitudes and methods that ultimately yield greater quantities and higher quality goods than ever before. Silo level monitoring is poised to make a similar impact as smart farming initiatives begin to take root and expand worldwide.
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Agricultural Innovations: Where Does Silo Level Monitoring Fit in?

Significant changes to agricultural practices are typically built on innovative transfers of technology (TOT). Technology transfer is the process of disseminating new systems and tools and putting them to work in novel applications.

The starkest example of transfers of technology in farming and husbandry is probably the mechanization of tasks typically carried out using animal power, but there are myriad cases of other technological crossovers that have proven no less important. Specialty chemicals synthesis, for instance, has repeatedly yielded new agrochemical classes that redefine our ability to cultivate crops, stave off pests, and ultimately continue to feed a growing global population.

Specialty fertilizers and pesticides are characterized as key components of what is known as the Third Agricultural Revolution, otherwise known as the Green Revolution. With the onset of increased digitization in small to commercial scale farms, experts suggest that we are currently entering the fourth stage of agricultural revolution, or Agriculture 4.0. This is where digitized silo level monitoring comes into play.

Innovative Silo Level Monitoring & Agriculture 4.0

Smart farming is the colloquial term used to describe a range of wholesale changes to modern agriculture, including greater investment in technology and interconnectivity. Sensor integration is central to this growing trend. Key drivers behind the increase in technology-driven practices include a need for greater precision and ultimately productivity. By embedding measurement sensors into feed bins, silos, and so on, it is possible to gain a deeper understanding of stock level through continuous data acquisition. Real-time information from a few networked sensors can drastically improve silo level monitoring and inventory management processes.

By deploying advanced silo level monitoring solutions with internet of things (IoT) interconnectivity, process managers can all but erase the margin for error associated with visual inspections. Furthermore, because sensors reduce reliance on visual inspections, workers no longer need to put themselves at risk by climbing high silos to inspect the contents from above. They can gain a precise understanding of grain fill levels in multiple silos and feed bins simultaneously, and access real-time data from remote locations. The time and cost savings associated with this vary depending on the size of the agricultural operation, but for larger facilities, these can be extraordinary.

Smaller farms also benefit from real-time monitoring of silos and feed bins by freeing-up time for other crucial tasks, while arming managers with the information needed to make precise, data-driven decisions.
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Self-powered, LoRaWAN level device

Meet Terabee's pioneering LoRa Level Monitoring XL, a completely unique product designed to satisfy the needs of users across a broad spectrum of silo level monitoring applications. Based on a tried-and-tested Time-of-Flight LED technology, LoRa Level Monitoring XL is a wireless, self-powered and convenient to use silo level monitoring solution, transmitting level data directly from silos, using LoRaWAN.

The system enables operators to optimize stock replenishment, cut operational costs and reduce dangerous silo audits.

Silo Level Monitoring with Terabee

At Terabee, we champion the drive towards Agriculture 4.0 with a suite of innovative silo level monitoring sensing solutions based on cutting-edge LED Time-of-Flight technology. From small to large silos, from single-point to multi-sensor, multi-point level monitoring - Terabee’s solutions offer great value for money!

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