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Social Distance Monitoring for Queues

With all businesses needing to implement social distancing and new security measures due to the COVID-19 crisis, Terabee is using its technical know-how to build new devices that will help businesses comply with regulations and best practices. Terabee’s 3D cameras can measure the distance between people, and notify people when they are too close to each other.
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How to enforce social distancing during COVID-19

Businesses are facing new problems in order to comply with current health regulations during the crisis. To ensure personnel and customers respect social distancing guidelines, businesses need to be able to measure the distance between people standing in a line and to be alerted when the minimum distance is not respected. This will allow businesses to prioritise the safety of their customers, and enable compliance with new laws and regulations while making offices, commercial locations and indoor spaces safer.

Terabee 3D sensors for monitoring queues

Terabee’s 3D sensors use Time-of-Flight technology to enable accurate monitoring of lines of people. Sensors are able to detect the presence of people and calculate the proximity to the next person using fully anonymous data collection. Social distance monitoring devices can be installed to monitor entrances of buildings and shops, helping to ensure social distancing measures are maintained. Businesses can ensure the safety of staff and customers, while complying with any potential laws and health obligations resulting from COVID-19.

Real-time data is linked to a visual and/or audio system to indicate if people are maintaining regulation distances. The system allows a minimum distance threshold between people to be set according to local regulations and current public health advice. When the distance is breached, a signal is sent to enable a visual and/or audio alert – ensuring distracted people realize they are not respecting distancing.

Protect the safety of your customers during COVID-19

Give your staff and customers the confidence that their health is your priority and your premises are safe with GDPR compliant and fully anonymous systems. Installing these systems has the added advantage of collecting live data on numbers of people in a queue – enabling accurate staffing and the optimization of use of spaces (See also Terabee People Density Calculator for Defined Areas and Buildings). Reports can be accessed for analysis and audit purposes. These systems are well suited to government buildings, shops, schools, post offices, banks, hospitals, and many more locations.

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