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Tank Level Monitoring – A cost effective and safe alternative

A critical task for most businesses is to maintain stock levels. This is a particular challenge when stock comprises large volumes of solids, powders or liquids. Large containers are commonly used to store grain and feed in agriculture, with similar methods used for foodstuffs, construction materials, mining products and recycling.
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Checking stock levels of large containers often involves climbing the side of the container and measuring the tank level from the top, which puts workers at risk. It is of high priority to make routine processes like stock monitoring as safe as possible, particularly in agriculture, which has one of the highest rates of work-based fatalities. According to the International Labour Organisation, over half of fatalities in the workplace worldwide occur in agriculture.
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A fast, cost-effective and safe alternative to manual monitoring is digital stock monitoring. This enables data-driven business decisions and analysis of consumption and replenishment cycles by accessing historical fill-level data. It can lead to significant reductions in costs with more efficient use of staff time, reduced transport costs and avoidance of the need for costly emergency deliveries. Above all, safety is greatly increased eliminating accidents associated with manual auditing and security issues due to leaks and damage.

Tank Level Monitoring Solutions from Terabee

Terabee uses a non-intrusive method to monitor your material level in silos. Unlike other solutions that measure fill level based on mechanical techniques, our advanced optical sensor technology does not come into contact with materials. We are experts in Time-of-Flight (ToF) technology and provide a wide range of sensors and solutions for digital stock monitoring. We can provide small and low cost off the shelf sensor modules, sensors and embedded software for tank level monitoring, and customer-ready IOT solutions.

Our technology has a number of benefits over ultrasound systems, providing longer range measuring, better accuracy and data reliability, better performance on irregular surfaces, absence of acoustics and other sensitivity issues, and is delivered in a compact and cost-effective product.

The Teraranger range of products provides a variety of solutions for stock monitoring, which can be tailored to fit customer requirements.
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Time-of-Flight Sensors For Continuous Stock Monitoring And Unrivalled Accuracy

Time-of-Flight sensors can be used for continuous stock management, providing persistent and precise information for proactive inventory management. Based on innovative technology, our Time-of-Flight sensors offer some of the greatest performance to price ratios available on the market today. They use infrared light-emitting diodes to measure a single point to a distance of 60 meters, returning accurate proximity measurements with millimeter resolutions, in seconds. This distance information can be integral to tank level monitoring in silos, conveyor belt optimization on production lines, generic stock management on shelves, and more. Terabee Time-of-Flight sensors are suitable for monitoring the levels of raw materials, unfinished and finished goods, and consumables alike.

Solutions For Detecting Transparent Surfaces

While Terabee ToF sensors have demonstrated good results for monitoring changing rain water levels in sewage network systems, it is not the same case with fully transparent surfaces. Although distance measurement sensors have advanced considerably in recent decades, highly transparent and still liquids can introduce a challenge for accurate surface detection.

The TeraRanger Duo from Terabee is a hybrid sensor that comprises a high-precision infrared Time-of-Flight distance measurement sensor with ultrasound technology. This unique module has been tested in various conditions and with a number of different surfaces to guarantee reliable surface detection, even with challenging materials. Test results have demonstrated that infrared Time-of-Flight is largely suitable for detecting transparent glass surfaces, even in non-ideal operating conditions. In the event the Time-of-Flight distance measurement sensor fails to acquire an accurate reading, the ultrasound backup sensor provides a distance reading for increased reliability.
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Testing Optical Time-of-Flight Distance Sensors to Monitor Milk Levels

A growing demand for accuracy and traceability and an increasingly stringent regulatory environment have resulted in increasing demand from the dairy and agriculture sector. Enquiries are mainly focussed on the need for precise and reliable tank level measurement for opaque liquid stock levels in containers such as vats and tanks. The dairy industry in particular requires a cost-effective, safe, hygienic and non-contact method of measuring milk stock levels.

Having already investigated a solution using Terabee’s Time-of-Flight digital sensors to accurately measure stock levels in silos, Terabee conducted a feasibility study that successfully demonstrated a new solution for measuring opaque liquid levels. Although our feasibility study focused on milk, the results proved that Terabee’s optical Time-of-Flight technology can be applied to any opaque liquid where levels or volume require monitoring.

Self-powered, LoRaWAN tank level device

Meet Terabee's pioneering LoRa Level Monitoring XL, a completely unique product designed to satisfy the needs of users across a broad spectrum of tank level monitoring applications. Based on a tried-and-tested Time-of-Flight LED technology, LoRa Level Monitoring XL is a wireless, self-powered and convenient to use tank level monitoring solution, transmitting tank level data directly from silos, using LoRaWAN.

The system enables operators to optimize stock replenishment, cut operational costs and reduce dangerous silo audits.
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Terabee digital stock monitoring systems have applications across agriculture, construction, mining, smart waste and recycling, the plastics industry and energy sectors. We can work with you to develop a system best suited to your requirements. Contact us to discuss your needs!
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