Terabee collaborates with Airbus and the World Bank on a digital development project in Peru

Terabee was happy to provide technology and expertise for a recent project in collaboration with Airbus and the World Bank, in the development of a SmartBus network in the Latin American country of Peru.
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The project facilitates digital connectivity across the national transport network operating throughout the country, with connected buses gathering and transmitting information about road conditions in real-time, enabling communication with isolated areas.
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Technology will enable mapping of remote and rugged travel routes

The initiative is supported by the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Peru (MTC) and is being developed on the Andean road-route between the capital city Lima and cities located at the edge of the Amazon jungle. Satellite connected buses will collect scientific data, making it possible to map one of the most rugged sections of the country’s transport network, crossing the central Andes’s highest paved road at Ticlio, located at 4,818 meters above sea level

Working with Airbus and the World Bank to provide sustainable solutions in developing countries

Airbus is a global leader in aeronautics, space, and related services and a European leader providing combat, transport and mission aircraft, in addition to being one of the world’s leading space companies. The World Bank Group is a unique global partnership of five institutions working for sustainable solutions to reduce poverty and build shared prosperity in developing countries.

Alberto Rodriguez, director of the World Bank for the Andean nations stated: "This project aims to connect people in an extremely difficult geographical region of Peru and help them to identify problems and possible solutions relating to road safety, meteorology, and transport logistics. By connecting people and their problems with research centers, universities and leading technology companies, the project is making a tangible contribution to development."

Christophe Roux, Head of Airbus Defence and Space in Latin America added: “Airbus is committed to supporting this development, especially taking into account that digital transformation is at the heart of our growth strategy.”
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3D cameras able to collect data to improve road safety

Terabee worked in conjunction with Airbus to supply 3D Time-of-Flight cameras and supporting software, and to develop the geospatial digital platform to consolidate the data and provide comparisons with satellite information of routes traveled. Our engineers traveled to Peru to install the cameras on commercial buses operating on the national road network, overcoming several difficulties with the installation of the 3D cameras to ensure that data could be collected in even the most testing conditions.

It will be the first time the national travel network has been used to monitor road conditions and hazards in this way. The pilot project will allow real-time access to meteorological and transport network information, helping to mitigate the impact of recurring flooding on the local economy and infrastructure, and will also help to promote effective measures for accident prevention and improvements to road safety.

If you would like to learn more about this project, contact us or visit the Airbus website.

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