Terabee showcased its newest IoT solutions at TRANSFO Festival on January 24th

 The event was organized by InnoxGex, CERN’s entrepreunarial incubator and featured eight companies focused on digital transformation products and services and each were afforded the chance to pitch their latest innovations.

Terabee presented its latest projects in distance measurement, absolute positionning systems and people counting. Live data from a Terabee sensor installed at InnoGex was presented to the audience to show monthly, weekly, daily and hourly visitor counts. The pilot project is helping us shape future applications for smart cities, smart buildings and room occupancy optimisation.

For more examples on how to use our technology, check out our use cases here: https://www.terabee.com/use-cases/

This event opened up new possibilities for retail and FMCG. Since our 3D cameras and sensors measure depth, they allow software to recognise shapes like humans, animals or objects, but not individuals faces. Subsequently our solutions can be trusted to protect privacy and respect European data protection regulations.

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