Terabee won the Smart City trophy at the Bref Eco award ceremony in Lyon, France!

Jury members from CNR, Compagnie Nationale du Rhône, France’s leading producer of 100% renewable electricity, and LPA, Lyon Park Auto, Lyon’s biggest underground parking company, both chose Terabee as the winner for its innovative and anonymous approach to indoor people counting.
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Recognition for our indoor people counting innovation

The Jury recognized our new IoT device for its ability to accurately count multiple people going in and out of entrances in unison. As our technology is an enabler for multiple applications, the jury also saw Terabee's potential for growth in multiple markets.

How businesses with infrastructure can benefit from indoor people counting

When our sensing device is connected to a building's heat, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, it can be used to regulate the ambient temperature of rooms according to user behavior in real-time, optimizing energy costs and considerably reducing the facility's carbon footprint. For facility managers, this means getting access to actionable data concerning human flows within buildings. Data can be used to optimize space usage and identify any unused or overcrowded areas. It can also be used for security, preventing tailgating at secure entrances, triggering alarms if a person is counted in a restricted access area, or even to guide search and rescue team towards stranded people within a building.

If you think our people counting devices can enable new applications for your built infrastructures, contact us to discuss your requirements.
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