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TeraRanger Tower enabling robotic collision avoidance and autonomous navigation

Fantastic video of a Kobuki traveling in a maze and performing robotic localization, robotic collision avoidance and robotic navigation with the non-rotating multi-axis 2D scanner TeraRanger Tower. The robot recognizes the environment and navigates into it with a simple “click and go”. The on-board software automatically highlights in blue proximity obstacles and, very importantly, if a new obstacle enters the scene the robot avoids it and create its own alternative path to goal.
structured light sensor camera

TeraRanger Tower is a simultaneous multi-axis scanner for SLAM and collision avoidance capable of replacing traditional laser lidar scanners in some applications.

It is totally silent and has zero moving parts, resulting in greater efficiency and reliability. It combines 8 TeraRanger One sensors and the TeraRanger Hub to create a lightweight, fully eye-safe scanner for SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) and collision avoidance on fast-moving ground and airborne robots. Calibrated distance data is streamed from a USB or UART port as an array of synchronized distances, in millimetres.
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