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Time of Flight Sensors for Level Sensing

Whether you are part of a small-to-medium enterprise (SME) operating on the local scale or a blue-chip company with a global reach, your success likely depends on effective stock and control.
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Even businesses that provide services rather than products rely on efficient level monitoring for maintaining the right stock of consumable materials to guarantee order fulfillment. Likewise, manufacturers and suppliers need accurate understandings of available inventory to ensure that supply meets demand. Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensors can provide new levels of precision for a limitless range of level sensing applications, from conveyor belts to silos.
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Time-of-Flight Sensors for Continuous Level Sensing

While large enterprises with a wealth of resources available to them can leverage a limitless range of methods, principles, and technologies for controlling their stocks levels, smaller businesses do not have such luxuries. There are typically two primary approaches available to SMEs: Periodic or continual level sensing. The former usually involves manual level-checking – a labor-intensive process that is open to human error – while the former requires electronic tracking systems for persistent level sensing.

Time-of-Flight sensors are used for continuous level sensing management, providing persistent and precise information for proactive inventory management. The cost of ownership of complex electronic level sensing systems, such as ultrasound sensors, is often a barrier to entry for budget-limited companies. Even affordable options (<€100) are geometrically limited due to the typical maximum ranges of 7 – 8 meters. This is not the case with Terabee Time-of-Flight sensors.

Based on innovative technology, our Time-of-Flight sensors offer some of the greatest performance to price ratios available on the market today. They utilize infrared light-emitting diodes to measure a single point up to 60 meters away, returning accurate proximity measurements with millimeter resolutions in seconds. This distance information may be integral to fill-level monitoring in silos, conveyor belt optimization on production lines, generic level sensing on shelves, and more.

Terabee Time-of-Flight sensors are suitable for monitoring the levels of raw materials, unfinished and finished goods, and consumables alike. If you would like a deeper insight into how Terabee Time-of-Flight sensors have been applied in level sensing applications, take a look at our case study below:
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Terabee Time-of-Flight level sensing

Terabee designs and supplies technologies that can enable smaller businesses to take control of their processes and find greater value at every step of the supply chain. We also understand the needs of larger businesses looking to capitalize on new sensing solutions that can help eliminate process inefficiencies and grant more detailed insights into stock levels than ever before.
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Our TeraRanger product line is designed to satisfy the demands of SMEs and corporations alike, with a choice of Time-of-Flight sensor modules available. At the top-of-the-range is the Terabee IND-TOF-1, a compact rugged Time-of-Flight distance sensor with programmable distance thresholds and a dust and waterproof IP rated enclosure. Followed by the TeraRanger Evo 60m, a small-form Time-of-Flight sensor with a rapid update rate (<240 Hz) and indoor sensing range from 0.5 – 60 meters. For close-range measuring, TeraRanger Evo 3m offers 0.1 to 3m range with 2cm accuracy at 100Hz. At the other end of the spectrum is the TeraRanger Evo Mini, a compact and cost-effective (<€35) sensor module that sacrifices no functionality for its substantially low cost. The TeraRanger Evo Mini is one of the smallest and lightest Time-of-Flight sensors on the market and is optimized for indoor measurements across a range of 0.03 – 3.3 meters. Each of these sensing solutions can satisfy the unique level sensing demands of businesses at every scale of development.

If you would like to learn more about our wider Time-of-Flight sensor product range, follow the link below:

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