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Using Time-of-Flight Sensors to Enforce Social Distancing

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic represents one of the greatest challenges modern society has ever faced. Can advanced technology – such as Time-of-Flight sensors – help us combat the novel coronavirus?
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Combatting COVID-19: Two Meters at a Time

Just four months since the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the outbreak a pandemic, many countries have already demonstrated how to effectively contain and eliminate their own viral epidemics. In these countries, the challenge is now twofold: how to avoid future outbreaks, and how to rejuvenate economies that have been hamstrung by strict, yet necessary, lockdown measures. Social distancing is the obvious solution.

Why Use Time-of-Flight Sensors for Social Distancing?

Different regions have different protocols for social distancing, but the general rule is to maintain a distance of at least one to two meters from other people while out and about. Businesses contemplating how to safely reopen have resorted to barriers, one-way systems, markers, and more to ensure that customers and staff abide by new distancing measures – but enforcing these measures can prove difficult.

Many companies have recognized the unique operating potential of Time-of-Flight sensors in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Already proven as the ideal technology for footfall monitoring, Time-of-Flight cameras can be used to supplement queue management systems for stores and commercial buildings. They can automatically monitor the number of customers entering/exiting the building to maintain a pre-defined occupancy level; ensuring your space is neither too crowded nor too empty. Time-of-Flight sensors essentially offer the greatest social distancing efficiency, ensuring the health and safety of your customers without overly inhibiting footfall volume.

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At Terabee, we use a proprietary 3D Time-of-Flight camera that is fully-GDPR compliant. This ensures that all data capture is precise yet non-intrusive, preserving the customer experience from a comfort and privacy point of view. With quick and easy user setup, as well as a flexible range of operating modes, our 3D ToF cameras can also be integrated with a range of additional systems, to ensure the most robust social distancing protocols. If you need to link your sensor to a traffic light system, or an alarm to indicate that too many people are within a given space, we can facilitate that for you. 

If you have any questions about our range of Time-of-Flight sensors for social distancing protocols, simply contact a member of the Terabee team using the link below.

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