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Workplace Distancing and Encounter Tracking

Returning to work is vital for livelihoods and the general health of the economy, with businesses needing to implement new measures and systems in order to comply with COVID-19 restrictions to ensure the safety of staff and customers. Terabee has a number of products that can help give your workforce the confidence that social distancing measures are respected, limiting any risk of exposure.
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How to facilitate a return to work

The main issues for businesses to address in facilitating a return to work for staff are the ability to adhere to new health and safety regulations and ensure social distancing is respected. This means having the ability to measure the distance between two or more people, and to be able to alert people when they are too close. Ideally, devices used should have a unique ID and the ability to timestamp any encounters, and comply with laws and regulations. This is completely new technology for smart offices, facilities and workplaces.

A solution from Terabee with two-way ranging technology

Using radio frequency two-way ranging technology it is possible to track and log the position of people relative to one another and ensure that safe distances are maintained. A configurable and industrial-grade ultra-wide band mesh network is automatically created in the workplace by each worker wearing a small device that perceives distance to colleagues. It provides longer range and better accuracy than Bluetooth tracking and is ideally suited to professional applications.

Terabee Proximeter - a wearable distancing device

Give your staff the tools to work in proximity to others and eliminate guesswork when maintaining safe distances with this radio frequency Time-of-Flight ranging system. The Terabee Proximeter device is a portable interpersonal distance monitoring system using reliable Ultra Wide Band radio frequency technology. Operating on a rechargeable battery with 20+ hours operating time on a single charge, it triggers a visual and/or audio signal when distances are breached, storing encounters to an internal memory. The stored data can be analyzed in the event of a worker falling ill with the possibility to track encounters, thus allowing for mitigation measures, such as quarantine, to be put in place. Long-range LoRaWAN connectivity ensures smooth, secure and low-cost device to server communications.

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Terabee Proximeter

  • Portable interpersonal distance monitoring system
  • Waist belt clip and loop for optional lanyard
  • Based on reliable Ultra Wide Band radio frequency technology
  • Rechargeable battery (via micro-USB) with 20+ hours of operations on a single charge
  • Onboard processing and local storage in non-volatile memory
  • Onboard pre-sorting of events considered dangerous
  • Regular data exchange with the LoRA gateway & network server
  • Visual alarm for distance breach with provision for acoustic and/or mechanical signalization

Let’s get back to work!

If you need to safeguard human health, protect jobs and assist with economic recovery, get in touch! Whether you are a systems integrator or an end user, our experienced team will help define your needs and offer advice on the most suitable solutions and their evaluation on your premises. For full details of the Terabee Proximeter device or any of our tailor made smart office systems, contact us today.

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