What is Terabee?

Terabee is a young dynamic company with the ambition to redefine remote measuring and sensing.
  1. We select the most advanced cameras and sensors then we deploy and move them using flying and wheeled robots.
  2. For each application domain, we develop specific tools and processes to optimize data quality and value for money.
  3. Finally, we develop new data analysis tools.

We develop the fastest, smallest and lightest distance sensors for advanced robotics in challenging environments.

TeraRanger Sensors


These sensors are born from a fruitful collaboration with CERN while developing flying indoor inspection systems. In 2012-2014, we tried all sensors on the market to ensure safety of operations in the LHC (the tunnel) and we did not find suitable technology.

We therefore developed technology for fast acquisition of distance data and we packed it in only 8 grams. More information on our product website www.teraranger.com