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Look around you, people and objects are moving! What applications can you build if we enable access to digital movement information? Unlock the untapped limitless potential, with Terabee.

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Terabee develops and manufactures a wide range of sensor modules, including 2D infrared LED Time-of-Flight distance sensors, 3D Time-of-Flight depth cameras, and thermal cameras. Our products are easy to use, compact, lightweight and offer great performance right out of the box!
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Terabee technology will help you solve complex robotics, automation, monitoring and IoT challenges. Our plug and play sensors and modular interfaces are perfect for rapid prototyping and fast application development. You'll find great documentation, ROS nodes and code snippets to help get you started. And if you need help to build your application, we can do that too with our flexible and reactive team.
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When you need bespoke solutions, we can help. Benefit from our deep knowledge of multiple technologies, including LiDAR, optical Time-of-Flight, ultrasound, radar, Infrared thermal imaging, radiofrequency positioning systems and more. We bring a wealth of creative thinking and technical innovation using lean and agile methods. From integrating Terabee sensor modules into OEM products to custom sensor design, we have the skills to bring your requirements to life.
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