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3Dcam VGA, bringing performance, affordability and versatility to industrial 3D depth sensing

3D cameras and image processing are an integral part of industrial automation, smart agriculture and IoT, bringing big advances and increased accuracy in robotics, logistics and smart factory systems. Applications of the technology are expanding daily, with the potential to improve an ever-increasing range of automated systems.
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Terabee 3Dcam VGA

A 3D camera enables the perception of depth to recreate three dimensions, as experienced through human binocular vision. Terabee’s new industrial-grade 3Dcam VGA is a 3D imaging solution using Time-of-Flight technology in a lightweight, compact and robust device. It is the most versatile, lightest, smallest and affordable industrial-grade ToF depth camera in its class. With a field of view reaching 90º × 67.5º, this camera is suitable for use in a wide range of industrial automation and machine vision applications. 

3Dcam VGA applications

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Logistics for smart factories

As camera data can determine the shape, position and orientation of an object, it can provide the information necessary for object detection, positioning and sizing. Commonly used to monitor items on a conveyor belt, the camera can also be used for palletizing, de-palletizing and obtaining freight dimensions. You can obtain the accurate size and weight of pallets or packages, to optimize warehouse space and give potential cost reductions from saved space and utilities. It can also assist with fork-lift driver efficiency and safety. Add a camera to the trailer of a truck and you have real time information on the contents of the trailer and any movement or changes to the load.

Level measurement and monitoring

Using 3D cameras for stock measurement and monitoring provides highly accurate stock data, optimizing use of space and resulting in smarter restocking. The 3Dcam VGA captures a VGA image (640 × 480 pixels) of large areas enabling use in level monitoring. Once the 3D map has been captured, the visible upper surface can be reconstructed in addition to the underlying volume. Level measurement is made safer and easier using 3D cameras with ToF technology, avoiding accidents or potential contamination of stock from human contact. The technology can be used to verify filling of containers before or after delivery, and for continuous level and volume monitoring of bulk goods.

Smart agriculture

In addition to materials level monitoring, the 3Dcam VGA has a number of other applications in agriculture. It can be used to provide data on quantities of livestock and occupancy of any given space. The technology can also enable tracking of livestock activity, to provide invaluable real-time information, and can supply data for measuring livestock growth trends.

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People and movement detection

The 3Dcam VGA camera system can be used for a number of elements in human presence detection, from detecting falls and suspect behavior to managing queues and monitoring elderly residents or venue capacity. It also has applications to monitor people movement and behavior, without capturing the physical identity of a person.

Mobile Robotics

The 3Dcam VGA has several applications in mobile robotics, providing data for autonomous navigation, obstacle detection and collision avoidance. It can facilitate human versus object detection, and provide monitoring of pick and place operations. Since the Terabee 3Dcam VGA is a Class 1 Laser certified device, the camera can be mounted above the ankle-height restriction typically placed on Laser LiDAR scanners. This enables robotic perception for the entire path of the robot, and the cargo it might be carrying.

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Human-machine interaction

The Terabee 3Dcam VGA system with ToF technology can provide R&D control algorithms for use in human and machine (or robot) interaction. It is possible to facilitate gesture control and recognition, for control of devices without the need to use buttons.

Terabee 3Dcam VGA

The camera is lightweight and compact and is one of the smallest rugged, VGA resolution ToF cameras available. It combines a class-leading Field of View with robustness, performance and versatility across applications and industry sectors, to come out ahead of its competitors. With its on-board processing, applications can be run on the edge for even greater process efficiency.

Competitively priced and backed with the expertise of our specialist team, we can adapt the device to fit a wide range of applications and needs.

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Terabee 3Dcam VGA

Versatile, lightest, smallest and most affordable industrial-grade ToF depth camera in its class
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The latest addition to Terabee’s Industry 4.0 offering, 3Dcam VGA combines price, performance and versatility to come out a winner. Robust, IP65- and IP67-rated, this device is the smallest, lightest and most affordable industrial-grade Time-of-Flight 3D camera in its class.

With the widest Field-of-View (90° × 67.5°), VGA resolution (640 × 480 pixels) and as a Class 1 laser product, Terabee 3Dcam VGA is a key component in industrial automation and industry 4.0 solutions. It is suitable for applications such as logistics, mobile robotics, human-machine interaction, level monitoring, smart agriculture and people and movement detection.

Its onboard computing and open software platform mean you are free to use existing code libraries and to run applications on the edge for even greater process efficiency.

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